ONLY IN AMERICA: An American woman loses her job for not being bilingual

City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz
By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz

City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz fired a decades-old employee for speaking only in her native language, ENGLISH, after proving her qualifications to two previous council persons, and she (Diaz) and her employer, the city of Las Vegas, are being sued by her victim.
Only in America can a native lose her job for not speaking a foreign language, despite the fact that she is highly qualified for the job, but an American cannot get a job in any other country, not because they do not speak the native language but because outsiders are not allowed to work in most countries.
Perhaps — not only in the city but in almost every governmental office — the idea of hospitality is taken too far by officials and they bow to foreign people.
Diaz — who, we were told, doesn’t want us to “bother contacting her office for this article because she hates the Las Vegas Tribune”—may have been going too far with her actions and is now hiding under the city umbrella because technically everyone who works for the city seems to brag about her connection to the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce as if that will be a protection for her acts. Olvia Diaz’s behavior could be taken as reverse discrimination, which is what most minorities or minorities’ businesses are doing and no one does anything about it because it seems like public officials or
public offices are afraid of confronting minority issues.
The previous owner of the only local Black-owned newspaper, the Las Vegas Sentinel-Voice, denied a Hispanic man (the owner of this newspaper) the opportunity of writing in the Las Vegas Sentinel-Voice because the man was not Black.
The Black community radio station (88.1) denied two Hispanic men the opportunity of buying airtime on that station — not because their money was no good, but because, as the station manager said, “they are not Black.”
If that is not discrimination, God only knows what it is, but the case of Susan Finucan is even more unbelievable because she is an Anglo female born and raised in the United States of America and she is being violated and stripped of all her rights to earn a half-decent employment in her own country while those who don’t have the same qualifications are making her life miserable.
After reading the court documents on Olivia Diaz’s lawsuit, we can understand why she ignores areas of her Ward that are not as fluent with Spanish-speaking neighbors; she likes to hang out in the Spanish areas only where she may appear to the neighbors as “a very important personality” and seem to be above them, while others like attorneys, store owners and business people may appear equal or better than her.
Her downtown side Ward is plagued with homeless people congregating in the front or at the side of businesses, obstructing the entrance of clients and customers, but she doesn’t care because she may be too busy hobnobbing with her fellow “Hispanics.”

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