Obama’s third term begins now

By Las Vegas Tribune Staff
It is now a reality that what this newspaper has been trying to alert our readers to for the last two years is now here to stay.
Former President Barack Obama is back in the White House and the former first lady is in charge while the former and present Secretary of State, Susan Rice, struggles to keep in charge, most likely arguing with the Vice President and the former first lady about who will be running the show.
The communist media has taken over fighting for first place in the voice of treason at Pennsylvania Avenue and began to hint at closing those media conservative news companies that do not stand for the same platform they will be forcing upon the American citizens.
Apparently jolted by the fact Newsmax has skyrocketed to become the 4th highest-rated cable news channel in the country, the liberal CNN is decrying what it calls Newsmax’s “election denialism” and is seeking to have it “de-platformed” from cable and satellite systems across the nation.
Oliver Darcy, CNN’s left-wing media critic, has been demanding cable operators drop Newsmax, which is currently carried by every major system in the nation. Newsmax is also streamed free by most OTT platforms and devices.
In a CNN column in early January, Darcy falsely claimed conservative media caused the protests at the Capitol on Jan. 6. “After all, it was the very lies that Fox, Newsmax, and OAN spread that helped prime President Trump’s supporters into not believing the truth: That he lost an honest and fair election,” Darcy wrote.
Darcy’s demands have been echoed on CNN’s shows, including their Sunday media show, hosted by liberal media analyst Brian Stelter.
President Trump did not lose “an honest and fair election,” otherwise the commies did not have to oppose voter-counters in the election places; they did not have to close the windows so no one could watch what they were doing inside; they did not have to bring thousands of voters back from their graves, and they did not have to move loaded buses from one state to another.
The Las Vegas Tribune has been alerting the American voters for the last several years that it was coming; it will be another Cuba with one television stations, with one radio station, and one single newspaper, the “Granma,” after the name of the boat Fidel Castro used to attack Cuba in 1956.
No more independent businesses, no more control of private ventures and definitely no more control of one’s own money; but it is too late now — they are here to stay and no one will be able to stop them.
“We are going to have to figure out the OAN and Newsmax problem,” Alex Stamos, a former Facebook chief security officer, told CNN’s Stelter.
“These companies have freedom of speech, but I’m not sure we need Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, and such bringing them into tens of millions of homes,” Newsmax wrote on its own website.
In a brazen call for censorship, Stamos echoed CNN’s demand that conservative voices and news outlets be Blacklisted and closed out of cable television and the internet.
“We have to turn down the capability of these conservative influencers to reach these huge audiences,” Stamos said. “There are people on YouTube that have larger daytime audiences than CNN.”
Darcy doubled down, advancing the McCarthy-like political witch hunt by tweeting a fresh demand that cable operators who carry Newsmax consider closing down the outlet.
Those who do not repeat their lies and those who do not obey will pay the consequences with their possessions, their savings, and ultimately with their freedom and their lives.
Look at all the new cabinet appointees’ names and think if you heard those names before; they are all from the Obama era, from the one and only U.S. President who, after finishing his second term, moved two blocks from the White  House. Any other president moved back to his own state, his own city, his own ranch, or his own peanut farm, but
they did not stay in the nation’s capital.
American people, the real American people, need to exercise their right as long as they have it and start supporting the media outlets that are on their side, the media outlets that have the best interests of the American people and the best interest of this great nation at heart.
American people have to realize that they did not do anything wrong; they did not betray their country, their vote went to the right place, but it was stolen and placed in the wrong box.

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