Mr. A. G. Ford, Brown race does not exist

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz
Well, I guess we are living in a crazy world and a very confusing one. I just learned that there is a new race in the world. Our Attorney General, Aaron Ford, was talking and referred to something that has to do with Blacks and Browns in the community.
I know about the Blacks, but Browns? When did this Brown race come to be? Am I missing something or is it that our intelligent and well-educated know-it-all, Attorney General Aaron Ford, has created a new race?
He must be a Democrat because Democrats are trying to create everything all new; one Democrat was speaking the other day and was assuring “everyone in our fifty-six states” that he will work for everyone equally. Fifty-six states? When were these four new states created? Am I missing something or I am becoming stupid and mentally challenged in my old age?
But well, I am leaving that for later, after I check the new book; you know, the Democrats’ book, what we used to call a dictionary? Nah!
Now I want to get back to that new race, Brown, because I hope that Attorney General Aaron Ford is not referring to Latinos, Hispanics, Spanish or any other name that my people like to be called nowadays because I personally will take it as an insult, an offense and a discriminatory statement.
I called the office of the Attorney General Aaron Ford, but ignorant me, I forgot that it was a holiday and elected officials do not work on holidays… nor the day after the holidays.
Government entities only work four days a week, Monday thru Thursday; they are off on Fridays. That used to be a City of Las Vegas “privilege,” but then the county followed, and then the state.
You see these government people are very intelligent. They have nothing else to do but to think about what is good or convenient for them; not for us, but for them.
Sometime ago they came up with the idea that it was better if the holidays were set on Mondays regardless of what day the holiday really was on; that way, they figured, it would be less confusing. Good idea!
Most people will just assume and be less confused. And here is the trick (I am not talking about prostitution tricks): they then make Monday the effective holiday, and grant themselves an extra day off, but not on Monday and not on Fridays, and I wonder why.
Well, it is easy if they start the week on Tuesdays, which means they will have to work on Fridays, but if they pick Friday for the extra day off when there is a holiday, they will have a three-day work-week.
They will have Friday off and then they will have the Monday holiday off, meaning that they will work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only because Friday is their regular day off. Capeesh? Make my point?
But let me get back to your — because I did not vote for him — Attorney General Aaron Ford. I will try to call his office again next week or at least his Public Information Office, and if I get lucky and they answer the telephone, I will try to clarify what he meant by “Brown” and what group Browns are.
You see when I went to school a long, long, long time ago there were only four races, White for White people, Black for people of color, Red for Indians and Yellow for Asians, so I am positively sure that Attorney General Aaron Ford was not referring to those like me who speak with an accent.
I am not Asian, I am not Indian, I am not Black — but I sometimes wish I was Black, so I could make mistakes and say anything I wanted to without being misunderstood. The color of my skin is White, like it or not, Attorney General Aaron Ford. I am a White person who speaks with an accent.
Is it in the mind of Attorney General Aaron Ford that Latinos, Spanish, Hispanics or whatever other word for us some like to use, are Brown? I feel offended; I feel insulted and I will demand a retraction and an apology.
I am not asking for an apology, I am demanding one. Do you hear me, Attorney General Aaron Ford? I am demanding a retraction and an apology from you; are you man enough to apologize?
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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