Where is the money, Mr. Sisolak?

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak addressed the horrendous situation of people who lost their jobs
Where is the money, Mr. Sisolak?

The situation the citizens of Nevada are now facing with the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation is drastic and it is the duty of Steve Sisolak to take action. The main role of a governor, elected by the people, is to protect and serve the citizens of their state.
There are hundreds of thousands of people still waiting longer than ten months for their unemployment assistance, as well as thousands of small business operators who applied for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance without any help for their financial crisis.
The employees of DETR continue sending emails stating, “Your unemployment was not caused by the pandemic.” If it was not, why did the Governor of Nevada order us to close our doors? Or is the problem because the department needed to send out our funds to California people that have never worked in Nevada.
Steve Sisolak has named one director after another since the fiasco of Alorica, the private call center from Irving, California, that played cruel jokes on the many unemployed Nevadans.
Now, all of a sudden, Steve Sisolak named Elisa Cafferata, the former CEO of Nevada Planned Parenthood, to run the department. With Elisa Cafferata in charge, the citizens of Nevada have received an abortion without knowledge of any pregnancy. And it is also under her leadership that hundreds of citizens began receiving notifications that their “unemployment was not caused by the pandemic.”
In other words, it is not for Elisa Cafferata to say. If she wants to act in such a demanding way, an investigation of all cases is imperative. Maybe she could find a way to explain the reason why many government employees could collect unemployment assistance when they continue working for wages under the table and taking advantage of the
It is well known that Steve Sisolak feels an insane hate for President Donald Trump, but it is also well known that a governor has the main responsibility of communicating with the President when Federal assistance is needed for a state emergency.
This is a state emergency; the people of Nevada are becoming homeless, their electricity is being cut off, people can no longer afford the high prices of local stores for items of great necessity; others are having their cars repossessed (in Nevada more than any other states, an automobile is an item of great necessity). Others who spent years
paying for their homes are already facing the banks threatening to repossess their property.
If Elisa Cafferata now comes along with the bright idea that the unemployment of thousands of Nevadans was not caused by the pandemic, can she explain to citizens the reason Steve Sisolak forced the entire state to close doors on their businesses since the middle week of March 2020?
Sisolak and Cafferata should accept the fact that everyone who was arbitrarily forced to close their business is, like it or not, affected by the pandemic and should qualify for pandemic unemployment assistance.
If the coffers of the Department of Employment, Rehabilitation and Training have been emptied, that is something that Steve Sisolak and Ms. Cafferata will need to explain if an investigation comes to light, but that is not any consolation to people waiting for almost eleven months to be able to pay their mortgage, rent, electricity, gas and
other expenses.
It is our belief that Steve Sisolak and Cafferata should just man-up and tell the people to lose all hope of saving their homes and their family’s well-being and accept the embarrassment of becoming homeless by telling them pointblank that they took the money and there is no money left.
Notice that we do not refer to Steve Sisolak as Governor Sisolak because, in our honest opinion, he is not acting as a governor and should not be referred to as such.
Sisolak and Cafferata should know, should be aware, that the people of Nevada are angry as hell and may not allow them to get away with this highway robbery.
The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance did not come from state coffers; it was assistance from the Federal Labor Department. Steve Sisolak was very concerned about people getting together for a rally for President Trump but he ignored the needs of the people right here in his own state.
It is well known that crooks act under cover of darkness, like “peaceful Democrat protesters” do, breaking windows and burning buildings like cowards operating in the middle of the night, and now the so-called governor is acting cowardly behind the skirt of a woman telling the people of Nevada that they don’t qualify for pandemic
unemployment assistance.
The Ahern Hotel was fined more than $10,000 last August for its Evangelicals for Trump event, and Steve Sisolak called the event reckless and selfish. The City of Henderson fined Xtreme Manufacturing $3,000 for hosting a massive rally for President Trump, claiming the governor’s directives.
Reckless and Selfish? No, reckless and selfish is what Steve Sisolak is doing to the people of Nevada under the directives of Elisa Cafferata.
We couldn’t be any more direct, Mr. Sisolak, Nevadans want to know: “WHERE IS THE UNEMPLOYMENT MONEY?”

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