Nye County’s GOP Chairman writes letter to his community

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
A semi-controversial letter written by Chris Zimmerman, Nye County GOP Chairman, intended to be for the voters of that community, has now spread nationwide.
The letter touches on several issues including the incident that took place last Wednesday in the Capitol where the Representatives were gathered to once again attack, insult, and verbally abuse the duly elected President of the United States of America.
As always, the communist mainstream media has accused President Donald Trump of instigating the events and provoking the results when in reality there is a strong possibility that the event was prepared, organized, and conceived by other anti-Trump groups like BLM, Antifa, or others.
The letter stated, “We do well to remember that for more than four years Donald Trump has been five steps ahead of everyone in every attempt to derail him, impeach him, or confound him.”
Also, the letter refers to the behavior of Vice President Mike Pence who up to now has been ignored by the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper in respect to the president, but in this edition, the rabbit has come out of the hat and it seems like the Nye County GOP Chairman, in his letter, happens to agree with the newspaper regarding the current Vice President and it reads like this: “I need to take a moment to speak on Pence. With his treason completed, many of you may not know of his dealings and political posturing prior to the infamous day in the capitol. Pence was already wheeling and dealing way back during the 2016 election season with… wait for it…. Paul Ryan. Remember Ryan? The RINO speaker of the house?
Pence was also involved with a scheme to oust Trump sometime during his first four years that was orchestrated by Rod Rosenstein and supported by the Clintons. The plan: get rid of Trump, become president and then appoint Rod Rosenstein as the new VP. Why would they want that? Because they felt Pence could be controlled.”
The letter that has caused a difference of opinion among President Trump’s followers and those who hate him is no longer a Democrat or Republican issue, it is an American or anti-American issue.
Since reading the letter, the Las Vegas Tribune has made several attempts to contact Chris Zimmerman but has been unsuccessful, and calls made to the state Chairman were not returned before our dateline.
Of course, local socialists like Congressman Steve Horsford, whose district covers Nye County, have taken this opportunity to disagree with the full content of the letter, and as always, he is using it as an excuse to follow orders from his masters to attack the duly elected president of this nation.
Congressman Steve Horsford is the same elected Democrat who for ten years has lived a double life with a wife and a mistress like many other Democrats, such as Gary Hart, John Kennedy, and Bill Clinton, just to mention a few who have disrespected their family and brought dishonor to the office they represented as well as to their constituents.
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