Censorship is here to stay!

Obama suck up to the dirty boots of Fidel Castro. Is that what we want our leaders to be?

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune

Obama suck up to the dirty boots of Fidel Castro

It is coming and everyone is aware of it; the nation will be, under the new administration, on full censorship and Twitter is now leading the parade of what is coming to America since it banned the account of President Donald Trump.
It is dangerous when a company can dismiss the freedom of speech of an individual just because the company does not agree with the political philosophy of the client.
Twitter banned President Donald Trump’s account and denied his right to express his opinion freely in a clear and unjustifiable attempt to silence him.
Twitter was followed by Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and others who use the Apple system, making it impossible for the president to communicate with his followers.
The communists who dislike President Trump claim that free speech, under the First Amendment, does not apply to this issue because Twitter is a private company and not a utility company. However, when a private person is denied service for any reason, they have the alternative of using the court system, but now the lefties use the “private company” excuse to allow these social media moguls their wishes to silence the president.
The Trump family has stopped tweeting since the president was unfairly banned from social media and communicating with the American people; the seventy-five million loyal Trump followers may follow the pattern of the Trump family and close their accounts with Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google in solidarity with the president and show those arrogant millionaires who’s the boss — show them that without these accounts, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Twitter are nothing but a thing of the past.
Donald Trump is perhaps the best president ever to rule in this great nation, but he is also the most hated president because he is a successful businessman, was completely new to politics, one who never held a political office and the only experience he had in the political arena was writing checks for all those one-time candidates who now hate him, yet during campaign time they went to his Manhattan office begging for money.
American people must remember during the Republican presidential debate then-candidate Donald Trump reminded all the sixteen candidates on the stage that every one of them went to his office looking for campaign contributions.
Donald Trump will go down in history as the most hated president; he has been used and abused as no other president ever was and that is because he came to stop the political corruption; he came to stop the immorality of our public officials; he is hated because he does not let other countries use and abuse the United States of America; he is
hated because he has the bravado of speaking his mind—of saying what he thinks.
Donald Trump became the president of this nation because he had the audacity and the knowledge to deal with other nations’ so-called leaders; he does not get intimidated by other countries’ leaders. He became the presidential choice of the American voters because they knew he would not go out in the world apologizing for the behavior of the United States and he most definitely will not go out of the United States to — as the Las Vegas Tribune’s General Manager wrote last week — suck up to the dirty bloody boots of a criminal dictator like Fidel Castro.

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