Say their names, report the truth

Steve Sisolak

Every time Governor Steve Sisolak calls a press conference, the only members of the media who are mainly allowed to ask questions are those who make Sisolak look good and give the appearance of asking intelligent questions.
Now it is even more difficult to find out who are asking the dumb questions and who are asking questions to please and benefit the community as a whole because of the obligatory mask the governor has enforced on all citizens except himself and his wife.
The media needs to stop playing games with elected and public officials and needs to do their job to the best of their ability. Not one member of the media wrote about, talked or commented on, the stupidity of banning the media from the New Year’s celebration at the Fremont Street Experience; not one of them was brave enough to criticize the Fremont Street Experience for charging $20.00 to get into those few blocks with no entertainment, music, or show, whatsoever.
The media in Clark County needs to understand that they, the news media reporters, are supposed to be the Fourth Power, and if they
cannot defend, protect, and fight for the people, they are not doing their job as they are supposed to do.
The media in Clark County should not have allowed the voter inspectors to be thrown out of the voting polls; they should not have allowed the Democrats to run and control the election.
The media in Clark County should be ashamed of their behavior for allowing their political beliefs to color their writing and their
News media representatives should not belong to any political party unless they are columnists, commentarists or editorialists.
How can a reporter or a newscaster expose or criticize the Republicans’ Say their names, report the truth Party or a Republican elected official if they belong to the Republican Party? or how can they criticize the Democratic Party or a Democrat elected official if they belong to that party?
It is time that the media in the United States wake up to what their job really is — we are not only directing our beef to the local media,
but to all the media as a whole.
If a reporter wants to use the media outlet that pays their salary to promote their political beliefs, then they should ask to be promoted
to columnist, to the commentary or editorial page, but a reporter should not impose its political ideas and beliefs on the outlet that
pays their salary to report.
How come we don’t see articles, reports or commentaries about the errors, mistakes or wrongdoing of the governor who is playing dictator in the state of Nevada?
Is the mainstream media afraid of the governor retaliating against them for doing what the media is supposed to do — by defending and
protecting the citizens of any city or state?
Why does the mainstream media keep their collective mouth shut when the governor chooses to give the vaccine first to the people who are incarcerated instead of offering it to those in the community who need it the most if they choose to be guinea pigs?
Why does the mainstream media keep their mouths shut when the governor picks and chooses who is going to get the vaccine?
We do not know anyone up to this moment who wants to be vaccinated and become a guinea pig for the dictator that is now running the State of Nevada.
There are a lot of citizens in Clark County that could benefit from being vaccinated more than those inmates, the same inmates that the
Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation are allowing to receive unemployment checks while behind bars, but we do not hear or see any of those “brave” reporters writing about it because they may be afraid of the governor’s retaliation.
It is a shame that the media in Clark County does not know how to do their job and “scream loudly” on the pages of their newspapers, as well as screaming loudly on their microphones, bringing the community’s attention to the governor’s wrongdoing.
It is not only the wrongdoing regarding use of the vaccine, the mandate regarding the masks and the social distancing and all that; it
is also the wrongdoing with the theft committed within the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation that has left many Clark County residents homeless or living in the dark and all they do is print the press releases that the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation give them to pretend to be doing something when in reality a bunch of Cubans working in there are making payments to other Cubans on the outside.
Rosa Mendez is pretending to be doing her job as Spokesperson for the Director, but her job is not working.

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