We can still save our state, but it takes your vote

It is not a matter of Democrats or Republicans anymore. It is a matter of the United States of America against communism
It is not a matter of Democrats or Republicans anymore. It is a matter of the United States of America  against communism.

This is our last edition of the year 2020, a year that has been very stressful and disappointing for many small businesses and people who want the best for this nation.
We are extremely disappointed with the result of the elections and do not believe that it was a fair election, but we have to learn how not to be sore losers; we leave that quality to the Bush family and others who did not ever accept President Trump for being the candidate chosen by the voters to be the 45th President.
There is no doubt that President Trump has been the most abused, disrespected, and mistreated president by the communist media and those who wanted to turn this great nation into another Cuba or Venezuela, but now they have that opportunity without a doubt.
Unfortunately, the proof is in the pudding and already we are seeing what is coming under the new regime. There is little to no toilet paper or paper towels in the stores and signs are alerting customers that they are limited to only two packs per customer.
We hope that the Republicans get the energy to give the new regime a taste of their own medicine and start pointing out all the mistakes the new government is making.
Let’s continue with the Hunter Biden investigation; let’s bring back the sexual molestation case of Tara Reade, a former staffer in Biden’s U.S. Senate office; let’s bring up his relationship with countries of dubious reputation that do not have the best interest of our country at heart.
American people need to prepare themselves to fight for the freedom and democracy of this country; it is not a matter of Democrats or Republicans anymore. It is a matter of the United States of America against communism to rule in a country that has always been the brightest star of the universe.
Everyone from everywhere dreams of coming to the United States of America legally or illegally and that is because up to now the United States of America was known as a nation of freedom and liberty, but most likely from now on those who cross the border will be disappointed with what they are going to find here.
The government will take the hard-earned money from the hard-working Americans as well as the small businesses and perhaps even the big corporations.
The American people need to take their country back; they need to be brave and recognize that they did not make the mistake of electing a communist system — voter fraud did that — the only mistake the American people made is to believe that there was no voter fraud in this country and they trusted the electoral system that the communists were managing and controlling.
Locally it is obvious that the system is corrupt, and no one even has the audacity of asking a simple question: What political party does Joe Gloria belong to and why did he allow the election-checkers to be taken out of the voting places? Why does no one ask who appointed Joe Gloria to the position he now holds?
Mia culpa! Mia Culpa! The Las Vegas Tribune is as guilty as everyone else; Joe Gloria has been a guest on our radio show, Face the Tribune, and we do not remember asking him those questions, but if we did, we do not remember what his answers were.
The American people should not stop pointing out the mistakes and the errors of the communist regime that has taken over this great nation.
Locally, the American people need to keep their eyes open and maybe they will not make the same mistake when the governor’s election takes place.
Nevada needs a governor from Nevada or at least someone who cares about and loves Nevada; Nevadans need a governor who works for Nevada, not someone who wants to be a dictator and make himself even wealthier than he already is, on money that doesn’t even belong to him.
Nevada needs a governor who cares for Nevada socially, economically, security-wise, and safety-wise; a governor who is able to face the people on the streets of Nevada’s cities and counties and not deal only with those who bow to him and kiss his ring.
The people in Nevada need to realize that the County Commission is a Democrat enterprise that for the last thirty years has not allowed any other party to enter their domain.
The County Commission squeezes every penny from the citizens of the county and any other city within its jurisdiction and that has to stop.
We were lied to by City Councilman Stavros Anthony once, and once is enough for us; however, we still have his political sign in our yard, and we support a special election because he is still the best candidate.
We hope that the County Commissioners do the right thing and allow the special election; after all, one black sheep on the board will not diminish its power.

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