City of Las Vegas peddling has become “The Normal”

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
It looks like Clark County has become a beggar community that begs for money for everything including for school projects, despite the fact that the Clark County School District has a budget of its own.
Las Vegas, which is in Clark County, follows its pattern of asking for money for every project they manage, build, or make, including honoring the late millionaire Tony Hsieh who died out of state after a night of partying with friends and relatives.
How dare the city have the nerve to ask for donations to honor the memory of a man that had more money than the city may have!
After Hsieh’s death, it became clear that the city of Las Vegas’s golden boy, the idol of everyone on the city council and everyone else who worked for the city, was no different than anyone else, except that he had more money than others in the community.
Zappos founder, Tony Hsieh, left a “mess” of an estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars — including deals scrawled on thousands of Post-it notes covering his walls, according to reports published by the New York Post.
The New Year’s Eve celebration closes the entire Fremont Street from Main Street to Las Vegas Boulevard and an hour later opens up charging $20.00 to enter the same street with no music, no show or entertainment, but just the privilege of walking those three blocks on New Year’s Eve.
Every group or every charity organization that pleads for help by asking for a $19.00 donation (almost as if every one of them has the same expenses and the same goal) while the top person—the director, the President, or the CEO—making the big bucks, up to a million-dollar salary or even more, finds it almost impossible to find the cure for whatever illness or problem they’re out peddling for.
Las Vegas seems to have become a city of wheeling and dealing, a political institution that plays let’s make a deal and ignores the needs of the community and the obligation and responsibility it has with the community and specifically with the constituents that elected them to their positions.
The arrogance of the city officials and the gang of the Fremont Street Experience have reached the top when they close their doors to the media stating that they have been ordered not to speak to the media and have banned the media from the $20.00 non-event.
Many have wondered if the city’s attitude change has anything to do with the change of city managers, a position known for taking charge of the entire city, in any way, shape, or form, including the city council, whose elected officials are there to serve the community the best they can.

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