Giovanna Sardelli Recognize by Smith Center for the Performing Arts as Alumni of the year

The Sardelli gang Pietra, Nelson, Giovanna

My Point of View/ By Rolando Larraz

The Sardelli gang
Pietra, Nelson, Giovanna

La otra noche vi llover… The other night I saw the rain…
Voy a apagar la luz… I am turning the light off…
Those are two of my most favorite songs by Armando Manzanero, a famous Mexican singer and songwriter that I met a long time ago and today when the news of his death came on my television set it made me incredibly sad and old memories came back to mind.
That was the first item in the newscast when I opened my eyes; luckily, I sleep with my television set on and that was the news that woke me up this past Monday morning.
I met Armando Manzanero many years ago, in the decade of the sixties, and I was not only impressed with him, but I was humbled to shake hands with such a talented artist who was also one of the few idols I’ve ever had in my life.
His songs were some of my favorites back in the day and I used to have those cassette tapes in my car (for these who are not as old as I am, cassette tapes are what cars used to use in the “music players” before    CDs and disks) and play them all the time.
His down-to-earth attitude and personality made it difficult to believe that he was such a famous star and such a talented entertainer, and his death made me sad.
Maybe I like him because he was from Meridian, Yucatan, Mexico where the people there are similar to Cubans and the food is like Cuban food with the same style and flavor.
I would like to use this space to offer the Manzanero family and those who for years have worked shoulder to shoulder with the maestro my deepest condolences.
And now from sad news on to a happy note: I’d like to congratulate Giovanna Sardelli for the recognition she received from the Smith Center for the Performing Arts as Alumni of the year.
Giovanna Sardelli’s father, Nelson Sardelli, another famous entertainer on my list of friends (yes, I still have a few friends), was so proud of his daughter’s recognition that when he came to my office he could not come in because his head was so big that he couldn’t fit through the door. Congratulations to the Sardelli family.
Anyone who wants to know more about Giovanna Sardelli and others’ recognition of her may read about it in John Katsilometes column in the Review-Journal.
And speaking of Nelson Sardelli, the founder-president of the FIORE social club, he is incredibly happy with the warm welcome his new political organization, “Non-Partisan Voters United” has received and how many people have been calling to join the group; I have the feeling that “Non-Partisan Voters United” is going to be very instrumental in next year’s election when the Nevada Governor, Steve Sisolak, will be on the ballot and I have been told that at least two
very well known political figures may be running against the useless Democrat-Socialist friend of George Soros.
Sisolak should put his pants on and come to Clark County, talk to the people and explain why he had such a change in his conduct. Yes, talk to the people, don’t talk to the Democrats in office like the Attorney General, the County Commissioners, and many others that are happy with his new way of being; he needs to speak with the residents, with those who have lost everything because of Elisa Cafferata of DETR, who has not been giving them the money that is rightfully theirs.
Sisolak needs to speak with those who are living in the dark because they had their power service disconnected, and with those who have not been able to eat a hot meal because they had the gas turned off; he needs to speak with those who have lost their car because the bank repossessed it after several months of not being able to make a payment thanks to his Elisa Cafferata “holding” their money.
Many people in Clark County are not too happy with Sisolak after learning that he has some type of connection with George Soros, the Hungarian recluse billionaire who hates the United States so much that he wants to see the United States being destroyed according to an article in Newsweek Magazine in 1999.
I, as many people in this country, believe that “the friend of our enemy is our enemy,” and if George Soros does not like the people of this country, he does not like us.
This is a moment when America has to be united against our enemies and a person like George Soros — who hates the United States and the American people — indeed appears to be our enemy because he said he wants to destroy this great nation.
Those who accept George Soros’s ideas and the fact that he hates this country — because with his money he feels he can do anything — are acting like prostitutes and maybe those are the same people that are talking bad about women who earn their living in that profession.
I believe in prostitution; I respect those women who work in the sex industry; it is not an easy job, not an easy way of earning a living.
Maybe it is a fast way, but not an easy way. Yet I will never give up or agree with George Soros and never will accept a dime from him as long as he hates the United States of America and the American people.
Governor Steve Sisolak should be more careful when choosing his friends or allies and before going back to church to pray because I do not believe the Good Lord likes hypocrites.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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4 days ago

Åh, jättebra inlägg. Tack som alltid för dessa fantastiska inlägg. Jag skulle alltid rekommendera sådana inlägg till andra. Jag hoppas att du bara skulle fortsätta att uppmärksamma människor i denna fråga genom denna otroliga plattform. Tack för att du delar med dig av denna användbara information.