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US Post Office at 1801 South Decatur refused to sell the stamps to the man because he had an Hispanic accent
US Post Office at 1801 South Decatur refused to sell  stamps to a man because his  Hispanic accent

By Perly Viasmensky
I made an unexpected visit to the hospital last week, for heart failure due to the extreme stress caused by the Nevada governor of those who voted for the man, and the anxiety suffered over nine months of uncertainty.
The heart is a treacherous organ and its backfiring can hit you in the worst way without warning. The Nevada governor has blamed President Trump for the disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made it nearly impossible for millions of working families in our state, while ignoring the fact that he ignored the basic needs of the citizens of this state by withholding the funds of hundreds of thousands of unemployment benefits due them while sending funds to ineligible people in California, and to many others that have never worked one single day in Nevada.
I am feeling better, but now I have to be under the care of a cardiologist for my failed heart. I want to thank the people that called daily wishing the best for my recovery.
Thank you to Nancy Herrera who called from Miami, Florida daily two times a day; to Jason Oliva who was been enquiring about my wellbeing several times a day; to attorney Dowon Kahn; and my friend of 51 years who has been severely worried about me—she knows who she is; and our editor Maramis Choufani.
Now, let’s go to business as usual: I cannot believe what’s going on in this world, in this country, and most of all in our state. What I am about to share is a true story and will be difficult to believe for many. It happened in a local Post Office located at 1801 South Decatur Blvd.
A Latin senior citizen went to buy a book of stamps at the Post Office. The Black clerk (I cannot call him African-American, as they
like to be called, because I can bet he doesn’t even know where Africa is on the map) by the name of Charles, refused to sell the stamps to the man because he had an Hispanic accent; even worse, Charles had the audacity to jump over the counter with the intention to hit the man.
Another clerk held Charles, perhaps thinking and considering the fact that beating up a senior citizen is a felony of great magnitude. At least, it is written in law books, but not in Nevada where everyone is afraid of Black people, including the governor of this state. And the District Attorney allows a murderer to walk free without consequences.
The customer service supervisor, by the name of Humberto Guadalupe, came out to take a report of the complaint, but the manager of the branch never showed his or her face, probably in fear of the brutal Charles.
It is totally unbelievable that some Black people are still resenting every race in the universe for something they believe happened 400 years ago. They are always bragging about Black Lives Matter, but they don’t care about the life of a 90-year-old White man. They neglect to look around at their place of employment and realize that all and everyone employed at that particular branch of the Post Office are all Black and brown.
That Black man, Charles, should not be on the customer service line. He has an inferiority complex and is a danger to the customers of the Post Office and the community as a whole. Charles is apt to kill someone in the name of discrimination.
Guadalupe told the old man that someone in the upper level was going to contact him to follow up on the complaint, but they have never made an effort to contact the victim. Apparently, everyone is afraid of Charles.
* * * * *
Sisolak: Correct the mess at the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.
In a recent press release, Governor Steve Sisolak said, “I’m fighting back by focusing on the important work that Nevada families are relying on their leaders to do — rebuild[ing] an economy that uplifts working families.”
Can he not realize that we all know that he is the one who destroyed our economy, with the only purpose being to blame President Donald Trump for such a situation?
Can he not realize that by withholding funds from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance fund he created chaos in the state, which created physical and mental illness, with the only thing in mind being to hurt President Trump? Citizens of Nevada are suffering from depression, high blood pressure, insomnia, anxiety, heart disease, and many health conditions brought on by stress. I am living proof of such medical problems.
Homelessness…yes, homelessness. Is Sisolak in town and does he not see the houses? Many have been evicted from their apartments, many others have lost their homes for not being able to pay their mortgages.
Now this man has the audacity to ask for $5.00 or more for his campaign? What a nerve!
Governor, you named Elisa Cafferata director of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR). What proof did you give us that she was apt to run such a large department? None, whatsoever. Otherwise, can you tell us the specific reason why 27 people received almost $300,000 of Nevada’s money that was sent to a one-bedroom apartment in California? Can you tell us, governor?
Can you tell us, governor, how inmates with the Nevada Correctional Centers are receiving unemployment benefits? They do not receive the funds on the inside, but their relatives are receiving them on the outside.
Six people could easily live in a house, but 27 in a one-bedroom apartment? Residents of Nevada, entitled to compensation are still
struggling to make ends meet, and yet you, Governor, are ignoring that fact!
There is a man who was told on October 13 that his money was deposited in his bank account; a couple of weeks later, he was told that it was an overpayment and he needed to return the money. Money, he had never received. The following week, he was told that his bank account number had been changed. (Changed by whom? The governor and Ms. Cafferata?)
Now, over nine months later, he has not received a penny from the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) and after 27 years paying for his home, with only three years to pay it off, he is about to lose it.
Do you believe you deserve a $5.00 donation to your campaign, Governor? At this point and under the circumstances, I don’t believe you deserve five cents.
Correct the mess at the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR), pay the people who deserve to be paid,
apologize for the mess, and then you can ask for donations to your campaign.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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