All we want for Christmas, Governor, is what we deserve

It is a known fact that Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has been holding the unemployment pandemic money for unknown reasons, keeping the people of Nevada in a very drastic economic situation just to make President Donald Trump look bad in the eyes of the people.
Now, the House of Representatives and the Senate as recently as last Monday have approved a new pandemic relief package. Congress voted Monday evening to approve a far-reaching $900 billion COVID relief package that promises to accelerate vaccine distribution and deliver much-needed aid to small businesses hit hard by the pandemic, Americans who have lost their jobs during the economic upheaval and health care workers on the front lines of the crisis as it was reported by the main street media.
The White House has said that President Donald Trump will sign the legislation once it reaches his desk.
The rescue package, which was negotiated on a bipartisan basis, was combined with a massive $1.4 trillion government spending bill to fund federal agencies for the new fiscal year in a 5,593-page bill.
Everything sounds and looks fantastic, but with only one serious concern: will the money that is supposed to go to the people in the
state of Nevada in fact be delivered to the people of Nevada or will the Governor of Nevada again hold the money for his personal use or for any other reason.
We believe that the federal government should send the money due Nevadans directly to their local addresses because most people do not trust Governor Sisolak and his sidekick, Elisa Cafferata.
For the last nine months hundreds of thousands of Nevadans have been waiting for the money that rightfully belongs to them and has been held by the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, AKA DETR, under the greedy eyes of its director, Elisa Cafferata.
People in Nevada have seen their power service be terminated; the Las Vegas Valley Water District has also terminated many water services; and Nevada Power, the only utility company that has been more than patient with the community’s late payments, has been forced to terminate many customers electric services for non payment because Dictator Sisolak and his hand-picked Director of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, AKA DETR, Elisa Cafferata are holding the money that Nevadans are entitled to. Governor Sisolak will be remembered in history as the most despicable, abusive, and irresponsible governor in the history of Nevada.
He has not only taken the money from the PUA beneficiaries and destroyed the economy of the state, but now he is begging for money to subsidize his own reelection campaign.
Sisolak sinks so low as to ask for $5 for a campaign contribution, ignoring the fact that his net worth is three million dollars after he
took several millions when he sued the county years ago.
In an email to the Las Vegas Tribune and everyone else that gets to read that garbage, Governor Sisolak did not waste any time in
attacking the president of the United States, Donald Trump. “I believe in the power of opportunity. Nevada has been a place of
opportunity for my family, and myself and I want to continue working to make our state a place of opportunity for everyone — no matter who you are or where you’re from. But Donald Trump’s disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic has made that nearly impossible for millions of working families in our state,” stated Sisolak in his email.
Luckily not too many Nevada residents, especially those who personally know Sisolak, believe anything he writes or says. He has proven to be a useless public servant; in fact he has proven to only serve himself and no one else.
We believe that Steve Sisolak only believes in himself, cares only for himself and whatever is good and convenient for himself only.
That article in the December 11 edition of this year’s Las Vegas Tribune ended the same way we should end every article from now on
until everyone in Nevada collects their deserved money: “If Governor Steve Sisolak is not man enough to do the right thing for the people of the great State of Nevada, maybe the people of the great State of Nevada have to bypass Governor Steve Sisolak and ask the federal government to intervene on their behalf.”

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9 days ago

C’est un travail impressionnant ici. Je suis très reconnaissant pour ce travail. Merci d’être aussi discret sur ce genre de choses auprès de la société.