Government’s rape of citizens, businesses

By Ed Uehling
Special to the Las Vegas Tribune
The fantasy world in which our government, the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) lives was on full display at the most recent
meeting this December (and I’m not talking about my own tone-deaf and clumsy testimony on an item that wasn’t even up for discussion).
Remember, first, that the BCC has acted as the number one cheerleader for Governor Sisolak’s lockdown policies that have destroyed 300,000 jobs and at least 1,000 businesses while spending tens of billions of dollars on government employees — some of whom are being paid $1000 per working day AVERAGE, and many, if not most, of whom are apparently non-essential employees because they’re sitting at home or going on vacations that YOU are forced to pay for.
Remember, second, that the BCC has not lifted one single barrier to opening a business in Clark County. It has tried in at least five of
its meetings this year to inhibit innovative internet platforms participating in food delivery and, at its last meeting, passed hospitality rules to make the resorts give it more money. Actually, it was a surprise (to me at least) that they would attack the hotels so early, but of course, the resorts are powerful enough and contribute enough to the commissioners’ “re-election” campaigns to be able to mitigate most damages.
After much discussion about the county money, state money, and federal money that would be “theirs” to allocate, an alien dropping in on the meeting would surely believe that the Commissioners were donating all this money themselves. But, of course, all of us living in Clark County know that is not the case:
1) They, following orders of their REAL bosses (not us citizens and voters, but public employee union goons) are continuing to assault
non-government employees and businesses to demand MORE and MORE for themselves and their $1000/day darlings. They still fail to notice, much less talk about, and much, much less present a plan to undo the economic and financial disaster they have already created.
2) This damage includes, just in the last couple of months, permanent yearly increases in sewer rates, at least a $5 billion increase in
water rates to pay 5 to10 percent annual employee charges over the next seven years and interest to Wall Street on the $3.2 billion more Southern Nevada Water Authority is borrowing to cover massive operational losses (normally a big no-no for government agencies, but one the BCC chooses to ignore), one medium-large infrastructure project and a handful of small ones (maximum cost $1.5 billion and that’s being very generous).
3) The Commissioners are smart enough to realize they no longer have a $100 billion economy from which to feed their apparatchiki, but they are apparently helpless to do anything to respond because they are now only the titular leaders. Our REAL leaders and their REAL bosses as stated above are the public union goons. Just look at the Rust Belt and how the PRIVATE union goons destroyed the steel and automotive industries with their intentional disregard for the fundamental economic realities recognized and respected since the founding of the United States of America: Competition, FREE enterprise, and low taxation. Any eighth-grade math student (well, maybe not in Clark County public schools) could figure out in 10 minutes or less that if the County spends 2X or 10X dollars when the economy is only generating X dollars, all of us, including the tools of the goons (assuming they escape the guillotines that will surely be trotted out), will end up with nothing.
4) Of course, the BCC (and the state) will choose to ignore the math and plead with the Feds to steal trillions from those with no voice:
our children and future generations (who are apparently supposed to pay back the trillions with greatly reduced economic prospects caused precisely by what the BCC and governments, in general, are doing today). Maybe their solution is the same as that picked by the steel and automobile union goons: “let them self-medicate with heroin.”
5) But that’s not all; the BCC at its last meeting signaled its intention to aggravate the long-term (that means more than two months
in the short-sighted gimme-gimme orientation of union thugs and their tools) and accelerate our arrival at total bankruptcy by approving the following: a) grabbing more from the casinos (as discussed above); b) INCREASING the cost to passengers arriving at McCarran by 70 percent for the main purpose of paying a bureaucracy geared for four million tourists a month, when only one million passengers are arriving (in typical government-think, they are concerned only about their budget and unionized employees), they decided to adopt policies that REDUCE, not INCREASE, the number of visitors, which reduces the number of private jobs. The one airline that the airport was successful in extorting to approve the unconscionable increase, Southwest, simultaneously announced the laying off of 6,800 TAXPAYING, not TAX-GRABBING, employees! And that doesn’t even count the out-of-a-job-already hospitality workers. I doubt that the Culinary Union will come to oppose final approval of this criminal act on January 5; and finally, c) This is a long one so go to:
6) On the same tragic (for citizens) December 16 agenda there appeared an item to re-work the so-called “merit” system of selecting and retaining public employees so that the unions have a greater voice!!!!
It was withdrawn from the agenda but will be reintroduced later — for sure without the major revisions required to save the electorate and public and their children from the public employee unions. When has any union ever supported a merit personnel system? That would mean hiring the most competent person for a given job. The unions hate that because it would eliminate their grasp on dues and members. Their guiding doctrine is “seniority,” not “merit.” It also contains a reference to “reduction in force” — perhaps for comic relief. If there was ever a time for “RIFs,” it was in April. But here we are almost into the next April speeding toward bankruptcy for everyone, but has ANYONE in government been RIF’d? The airport couldn’t do the math when it lost 75 percent of its business. Did it RIF a single employee, much less 75 percent? So that’s why the airport has decided it should rape its existing passengers, airline employees, and local hospitality workers and businesses, just as the water agencies rape their customers rather than RIF the thousand employees they really don’t need (each being paid by you and me ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS PER WORKING DAY — a TOTAL WASTE of $1,000,000 each of those days). All of that is occurring simultaneously with the county and state a) spending (on themselves) all the reserve funds taxpayers have put together; b) demanding taxes from people they have prohibited from earning money and families which can’t even pay rent; c) forcing property owners to pay their tenants’ rent to the point of losing their property; etc., etc.
7) And then the BCC added an item to the agenda: One hour of praise and presents for the departing Larrys (Weekly and Brown). Perhaps Larry Brown accomplished something as a professional baseball player, but he has spent the rest of his “professional” life as THE consummate bureaucrat, starting with a job at the SNWA from which he has drawn a pension paid by us for years (centuries?) while pandering to the most affluent in Clark County. I have attended dozens of meetings in which he has participated and NEVER heard an original idea expressed by him or a non-majority vote that he has made. Of course, he bathed in the glory of the hundreds of praises shoveled his way during the hour-long backslap. What a display of government contempt for common citizens, some of whom actually made it through the complicated telephone system to express their desperation — probably failing to realize that the seven members of the BCC were responsible for causing. The BCC swept their concerns away but made sure that do-nothing Larry Brown would be sure to hear their praise!!!
So that’s BIG government’s “response” to a crisis that could easily turn even more disastrous for us and for the country than the Great
Depression. I am certainly no fan of Ronald Reagan, but perhaps he says it best: “In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. From time to time we’ve been tempted to believe that society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people. Well, if no one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?” — Ronald Reagan, January 20, 1981
Until the 2 million people of Clark County are unleashed from captivity by their so-called leaders and allowed to create, innovate
and work, there is no hope. As RR states, the BIG government solution for this crisis is no solution at all — it is a huge problem and a
problem that is worsening at every meeting of the BCC.

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