Clark County rips off residents

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
The people in Nevada are forced to commit fraud and lie to the government because the government forces people to lie and commit
fraud. People go to the neighboring town of Pahrump to register their car because in Pahrump they do not have to pass the smog test and they can save the $25.00 charged for that.
A 26-year-old car is not supposed to be in need of passing the smog test, but in Clark County they still have to pass it. Now, it is understandable why people from other states come here and keep the plates from their home state so they are the ones who rip off
Nevada before Nevada rips them off.
A basic tax for governmental services is hereby “imposed on them for” the privilege of operating any vehicle upon the public highways of this State at a cost of $89.00, plus supplemental basic tax for governmental services in the amount of $22.00, and no one seems to know what it is for.
We asked nine different people: a car dealer owner, a school teacher, an accountant, a police officer, a judge, an elected official with the
county and the city, and not one of those people could tell us what it is or why we are forced to pay “basic tax for governmental services” or even what the real meaning behind that supplemental basic tax is.
Everything in Clark County is about money, but only with the locals because the people come to Southern Nevada from everywhere and do whatever they want, whenever they want.
Years ago there was a tax for school whether one had a child in the Clark County School District or not and now it is this basic tax for
governmental services and supplemental basic tax for governmental services.
The license plate renewal is a total of $32.00, but with the basic tax for governmental services and supplemental basic tax for governmental services the bill goes up to $145.00 — and at the bottom of the bill the Department of Motor Vehicles asks if the resident wants to “donate” $2.00 to fix the streets.
There is a very strong possibility that very few people agree to donate that $2.00 because otherwise how could the city, county or
state explain why Las Vegas Blvd., Charleston Blvd., Maryland Parkway, Eastern Ave., and Sahara Avenue are still all full of potholes and bumps. If people do donate that $2.00, where does the money go?
It would be easy to say “what a nerve,” but in all fairness, the government should not be blamed for it; we the people are to be blamed
for allowing the government to rip off the people without saying a word, without a complaint and without telling the elected officials
enough is enough.
Should it be any wonder if those Senators and Assembly people in Carson City are also victims of the so-called government that extorts
money from the people of Nevada?

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