Rosa Mendez: “No More Money”

By Las Vegas Tribune Staff
The spokesperson for the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, AKA DETR, Rosa Mendez, told the Las Vegas media that the department has no more money.
Mendez could not explain, however, where the money allocated for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance that has not been paid to the legit beneficiaries has gone — the very money that ended up going instead to Nevada Correctional Center inmates and other California residents.
Mendez neglected to explain why not only the money that the citizens of Nevada were entitled to, but also the very money given by the federal government as a stimulus to those small businesses who were forced to close for nine months, per orders of the governor.
Perhaps the federal government was under the impression that the Nevada governor was a normal, honest, well-behaved elected official with the best interest of his constituents in mind and not a man that would use money that did not belong to him.
The federal government perhaps did not realize that the Nevada Governor’s hate for the duly elected president of the nation was so
ample as to do anything to make him look bad even up to destroying the economy of the state, and forcing small businesses into destruction and even making some homeless.
Nevadans who had worked all their life to have a well deserved retirement are now seeing their automobile being repossessed, their
power disconnected for lack of payment, and the water turned off, and many of them are now homeless.
If Governor Steve Sisolak had not been so stupid and arrogant by playing dictator and ordering all businesses to close nine months ago, the people of Nevada would not have been victims of fraud by people inside his Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation under the flamboyant director, Elisa Cafferata.
Hundreds of thousands of people in Nevada have been waiting for their Pandemic Unemployment Assistance checks in vain since the month of March, as was written about by Las Vegas Tribune’s Perly Viasmensky.
In fact several employees of either the call center or DETR, like Liliana, Maria, and others, hang up the phones when asked questions
they do not want to answer, knowing very well that these people have been waiting for hours (many times ten or twelve hours) listening to punishing music which can drive anyone crazy.
But finally the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, AKA DETR, has decided to swap out their lies — such as “the bank has rejected the deposit,” or “it was sent to the wrong account number,” and numerous other lies — for a more realistic excuse such as the one that Rosa Mendez has recently told the Nevada press team: “We have no more money,” but she did not explain where the millions for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance went.
That article in the December 11 edition of this year’s Las Vegas Tribune ended the same way we should end every article from now on
until every one in Nevada collects their deserved money: “If Governor Steve Sisolak is not man enough to do the right thing for the people of the great State of Nevada, maybe the people of the great State of Nevada have to bypass Governor Steve Sisolak and ask the federal government to intervene on their behalf.”

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