Steve Sisolak has got to go!

A mad Governor Steve Sisolak
A mad Governor Steve Sisolak

We have to admit that we are not too familiar with the problems, issues and dilemmas in the northern part of our state, but we are
awfully familiar with the way that Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak tries to turn Clark County and Las Vegas into another California.
With the help of city and county officials Californians have earned a carte blanche to do anything they want, buy anything they want and extract excessive fees in rentals and offer extraordinarily little to the tenants in return.
The businesses in Southern Nevada are suffering the consequences of bad and greedy politicians but are not doing anything to stop the dictatorial system that the governor and elected officials in the southern part of the state are forcing on them.
Just recently a restaurant owner in Ventura County, California fought the arbitrary order of the Socialist California Governor Gavin Newsom to again close all public places.
The owner of Nick the Greek restaurant, Anton Van Happen, was facing two health department employees that were there to close the
restaurant for “breaking the law” following orders of Dictator Gavin Newson asking if they were going to pay his rent while he is closed.
It was looking pretty bleak Monday, but amid the fiery confrontation there were at least two bright spots.
First, a customer standing just outside the restaurant’s doorway boiled over in frustration at the health department workers and told
them to leave.
“Why aren’t you guys at Costco right now? There’s 500 people inside Costco!” the customer yelled. “There are 100 people inside Walmart! What are you doing? Just get out! No one wants you here! Go away! Nobody wants you here!”
The businesses in Southern Nevada should be doing the same to our own Dictator, Steve Sisolak, and ask him why he does not send his dogs from the health department to the restaurants that he and his family visit while in Las Vegas, why he does not send his dogs from the health department to the casinos that had contributed to his campaign.
And we ask why not face the people of this wonderful state and explain to all of us what he has done with the money that the federal
government has given to the people of Nevada and he is not releasing it.
Anton spoke to a local television station in Ventura County that he is trying to start a movement for the better of the community.
“I am trying to start something where all restaurant owners are going to wake up,” he told the station, adding that “my calling is to all
the other restaurant owners to open your restaurants. If we all open up, they can’t do anything.”
It is time for all small businesses to get together and show the government officials who is the boss; it is time to show the
government officials that they are sitting in these official positions because we the people have put them in there.
It is time to tell the governor, the mayor, city council, county commissioners that they work for us not the other way around and we
are not going to risk our finances, our hard work, our future and the future of our families so they can close us down and allow only those they like, those who have contributed money to their political campaigns to stay open.
Elected officials want to turn our profitable and successful state into another California and we the people of Nevada should follow the
pattern of Anton Van Happen and rebel to the arbitrary socialist-communists and unfair rulings and unlawful laws.
We all need to get together for the next election and throw Steve Sisolak out, evict him from the governor’s mansion for ineptness and
abuse of power.
We need to show Steve Sisolak that the same way we put him we are going to take him out for abusing the power that we the people allowed him to have.
It is time to unite for the better of our economy and the better of our future; unions are always saying that together they become
stronger and we the people could use the same thesis and together we can succeed.
Let’s all work together to show the world that we are united and united we will win and make Las Vegas what Las Vegas used to be before the greedy corporate mafia took over our bread and butter.
Steve Sisolak hates our duly elected president so much that he prefers to destroy our economy to make the president look bad, but the people of Nevada know better; the people of Nevada do not need the Republican Party to do anything to fight the imbecility of Steve Sisolak; the people of Nevada are intelligent and educated people that love their state above all and they will rise above their dictator!

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