Las Vegas still the Entertainment Capital of the World

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
After seeing the arrival of the vaccine in Las Vegas there is no question that our city still is the Entertainment Capital of the World, and the arrival of the vaccine made to face off the COVID-19 epidemic is now part of the shows’ line-up.
Any other city and state might have the vaccine delivered to them, but none of them have a limousine with a police escort and a wannabe governor waiting on the stage for its arrival.
Governor Steve Sisolak, who has made a career of attacking the duly elected president of this nation, now seems to be looking for credit
for the arrival of the vaccine a few days ago.
Sisolak has destroyed the economy of the state and has stolen the money that small business earned by keeping it for the last nine
months to make the president look responsible for all the residential and apartment evictions, power cut-offs, and automobile repossessions, by showing a despicable disrespect and hatred for a man he may not even have ever met.
Perhaps President Trump should have cut off the distribution of the vaccine in Nevada to show the inept governor how useless a governor he could be, but President Trump has class and is a very humanitarian person.
If Governor Steve Sisolak had not been so stupid and arrogant by playing dictator by ordering businesses to close nine months ago, the
people of Nevada would not have been victims of fraud by people inside his Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation under the flamboyant director, Elissa Cafferata.
It has been the contention of many people and is echoed by this newspaper that all frauds are coming from inside Cafferata’s own
department and many wonder if the fraud is shared by the Governor as well as Ms. Cafferata.
The people of Nevada are not ignorant; they know that Sisolak did not bring the vaccine to the state—President Trump and his administration did that.
Why is there a need to use a police escort to bring the vaccine in — unless there is information that Governor Sisolak and Sheriff Joe
Lombardo have not shared with the Las Vegas media and the people of Nevada. There is no visible need to have a police escort to transport the vaccine from the point of arrival to its final destination.

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