“Matt Westin’s Descriptions Transports you into his song!” By Sandy Zimmerman


Enjoyed my streaming virtual interview with international country rock recording artist Matt Westin discussing his songs. 

Matt’s latest song, “Hey, Bro” was sincere, expressing an “I’ve got your back” philosophy. He felt, “They are two people who are brothers from another mother, men helping each other. That’s what it’s all about the bond is stronger than blood.

I like to have masculinity in my music, some testosterone sometimes. That’s the style of music I like to make. It seems to rezinate with people.”

Another one of his latest songs “You Leave Me No Choice” has a dramatic title which sounds serious yet it is a beautiful, heartfelt love song! You never know what Matt’s songs are about from his titles.

With the song, “The Right Amount of wrong,” I felt his title meant “not too wrong but wrong enough.” Matt explained, “There is not such a thing as a perfect person but those imperfections sometimes make life more interesting.

I’m a blue collar guy, from a blue collar town. We all have some rough edges.”

Some of Matt’s songs were humorous, “Knocking on the devil’s door”,
the lyrics were, “Heard you knockin’ on the Devil’s door.
Come back tomorrow baby, ‘Cause he ain’t takin’ anymore.”

Each of Matt’s descriptions are vivid- “Stomping on” offers a bar setting,  

a Bud Light sign, someone throwing darts, and this is your stomping grounds. I’ll show you around, you will feel comfortable, and the bartender even knows your drink.”

Sandy, “This sounds like you go there a lot!

Matt Westin is so descriptive, I really felt like I was there in the country, at the bar, watching his stories unfold!

He commented, “Country music is unique, that’s what drew me to the country music style of storytelling, I’m a very visual person.”

Matt Westin’s music is enjoyed in Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand,
Australia, all over Europe and the United States.

Although Matt’s songs are aired around the world, he hasn’t
toured other countries.  

Matt gave up an engineer career for singing. With his international and US popularity, that looks like it was the right decision!
Adding acting into his skills, Matt is starring as Johnny Cash in a new Independent movie, starting to film next year.

His Awards in 2018- Male Artist of the Year and IMEA Country Album of the Year. Matt is currently in the process of recording his upcoming single “Thin Blue Line” will soon be released.   


Award-winning Sandy Zimmerman has produced television programs, TV commercials and Travel Specials: “Beijing”, the “Yangtze River Cruise”, and “Visiting a Kazakh Family in a Yurt -Marco Polo’s Silk Road”-China; “Castles, Wine and Trattorias” travel specials – Italy; and other countries as well as the US.
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With 25 years’ experience as a television talk show host of Sandy Zimmerman’s Las Vegas TV, and Discover the Ultimate Vacation travel specials, Syndicated Journalist- Shows & Dining Reviewer, Travel/ Luxury. (702)-515-0846.  sandyzimm2003@yahoo.com   Facebook@szlvtv    

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