“Home Alone” this Holiday? Visit These 4 Iconic Houses from Classic Christmas Movies

Get in the holiday spirit this year by visiting one of these 5 iconic Christmas movie homes that could be right near you!

“Home Alone”

Eight year-old Kevin Mc Callister spends Christmas alone in this real-life house located in Winnetka, Illinois. This classic home still stands today, but nowadays it looks a bit different since it sold and became a private residence. This property sold for $1.59 million in 2012.

Kevin was forgotten, however, no booby traps are to be found (at least not from what we can tell.) The previous owners also share their stories of the time that was spent filming in their house at the time. “John Hughes,” the director of Home Alone,” “had a real interest in filming in community settings. He [grew up] in North shore and wanted his sets and backgrounds to have a real world, true neighborhood and a true home type of ambience,” said John Abenshien, the former owner of 671 Lincoln Avenue.

 “A Christmas Story”

Is it even the holiday season without this movie on repeat throughout the month of December?  Ralphie Parker’s famous house, located in Cleveland, Ohio has been open to visitors since it was restored to its original film look in 2006 by entrepreneur, Brian Jones. This house is open for tours daily, along with overnight stays. Guests who do stay overnight have private access to the third floor loft where they can sleep in Ralphie and Randy’s room.


Right across the street in the old Bumpus family house from the film is a museum with original props, costumes and memorabilia from the film. Can you think of a better way to truly get into the Christmas spirit?!  Even the iconic leg lamp still stands in the window. Be careful though, it’s fra-gee-lay!

“It’s a Wonderful Life”

This heartwarming film is a staple in many homes around Christmas time. The fictional town in this movie, Bedford Falls, is said to represent Seneca Falls, New York. Residents of Seneca Falls are so convinced of this that every year they hold an “It’s a Wonderful Life” festival and have a museum with over 30 exhibits showcasing the movie.

What many may not know about George and Mary Bailey’s home, known as the Granville house, is that it was actually built on set and has unfortunately been reconstructed since the film was made. Although you can’t visit George and Mary’s beautiful Victorian style home, you can still visit one of the only remaining film locations, the Bailey Park model home.

 “Miracle on 34th Street”

Little Suzie Walker, at eight years old, can relate to a lot of us here in this 1947 film where all she wished for from Santa was a new home. Santa grants her wish and finds this real life home for sale in Port Washington, New York.

This house was built in 1943 and still stands today. It’s a private residence, so there aren’t any tours allowed inside of the home, but fans can take pictures curbside, which the owners say happens quite often.



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