California is not the only guilty one

By Perly Viasmensky
Fraud is the latest novelty of the century. I have seen it at the voting polls, even if many would like to deny it.
The situation with the Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation is the same; people have been waiting for the last eight and one half months to receive their Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, but it was found out that fraud has also been committed because the bank account numbers of claimants have been changed, and
the people working the telephone lines refuse to even explain where they sent the money, to whom it was made payable, and the reason for such an action.
Does anybody remember Scott Peterson imprisoned on death row since he was sentenced for the murder of his pregnant wife and unborn baby in the San Francisco Bay area?
Peterson is among thousands of California prison inmates on death row who have received coronavirus relief funds in a federal aid fraud. His unemployment fraud was uncovered during the fraud investigation by state and federal prosecutors.
According to news reports more than $140 million in unemployment benefits were sent to over 35,000 inmates in California’s 38 prisons.
Nevada is no different than California. I don’t know how many are on death row, but several in general populations have already received funds intended for the very people waiting to receive those unemployment funds necessary to pay their mortgage, rent, utilities and most of all, put food on the table.
Maybe this is the reason bank account numbers have been fraudulently changed without information and consent of the legal claimants, but the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation have no valid reason for not giving an explanation to the thousands of people waiting in line to receive their unemployment benefits almost nine
months to the day just to survive in this miserable economy.
The people that are incarcerated don’t need to worry about paying rent, electricity, gas, garbage, sewer, car payments and insurance, but those of us on the outside have all those responsibilities on our back without any resources or recourse.
State employees cannot help us with information regarding the who, when, and for what reason the bank account of a private citizen was changed because it is “against the law.” But, changing the bank account for suspicious and fraudulent purposes is not against the law?
Well, apparently it is like some Metro officers claim — “Criminals have rights.” Of course they do, but what about the people on the other end of the fraud or the crime?
Not only do they insult people’s intelligence by pretending to be State employees, they further mock people in that we all know they are employees of a call center which employs anybody and everybody without a highly detailed background check.
After waiting almost nine months without being able to pay their bills, seeing their homes and vehicles repossessed, they now need to go through the burdensome hassle to start filing fraud reports with Metro Police, the FBI, the State Attorney General, US Attorney, Departments of Labor, Justice and Treasury, the IRS, Immigration and Naturalization Services and Credit Bureaus.
Not that we believe any of those departments are going to perform a thorough investigation, but in the meantime the Department of Employment, Rehabilitation and Training knows how the fraud was committed, by who and when.
Records show that payments have been made, but since the accounts of those particular individuals were conveniently changed, DETR and its many elite directors must know under what name they disbursed the funds and the name of the bank, and they must demand return of the funds.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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