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Governor, please declare freedom for the people of Nevada

By Ed Uehling
Las Vegas Tribune
Dictator Steve Sisolak

Governor Sisolak’s Freudian slip says it best: “We’ve done everything we can to help spread this virus.” That’s right! The governments of Nevada and Clark County have done everything exactly backwards. They have used totalitarian tactics to force us serfs to commit financial harakiri, destroy our culture, make a mockery of our Constitution and logical laws in order to pander to public employee union bosses.
Those murderers do not care about us serfs, our children, our financial security, the economic development of the State and of individuals, etc., etc., etc. They only care about themselves and the dues they collect from their members.
While health workers are working at 200 percent and three million Nevadans are worrying overtime, the governments, run by public employee union thugs that refused to take a 4.6 percent cut in public employee salaries, steal billions from our savings and our children’s future earnings and lives and produce close to zero value for citizens of Nevada and Clark County.
The government still pays their employees 100 percent even if they have nothing to do — except to figure out how to steal our houses with their ill-gotten “earnings” in one of the next shutdowns.
So basically, the so-called “Governor” can, like Mao in 1960’s China and Hitler in 1930’s Germany, command lock-step minutiae behavior, no matter how nonsensical or ill-founded from the three million private, formerly “free” citizens, now serfs, of the State — but he can’t command his own, now out-of-control employees even to do the basic job FOR WHICH THEY CONTINUE TO GET PAID!
While Mr. Sisolak at least manages to shed a crocodile tear or two for the 11 CCSD students murdered in the last three months by the unelected public employee union thugs who now control both him and the new life-killing, career-killing, economy-killing policies of State agencies, the latter, in their “activist” and irredeemable ruthlessness couldn’t care less.
This behavior is completely consistent with the oppressive self-appointed, artificial and arbitrary “we-are-the-government” types that plagued humankind until the creation of the United States of America. The Declaration of Independence and Constitution, in going maybe two-thirds of the way toward institutionalizing human freedom,
as witnessed by millions, including most of our and of Mr. Sisolak’s ancestors, gave up everything to reach the shores of this nation. I say two-thirds, because this process did not include the ancestors of our Black and Native American citizenry. However, neither were these, with very isolated exceptions, free from the aforementioned bane of humankind: oppressive government and governors. That said, there is nothing in their pre-Colombian past that compares with their treatment by post-Colombian arrivals.
Now he and his party, and certainly his real bosses — the thugs, never elected by us or him, but only by the public employees we pay and he is supposed to command — are on a binge to replace the few and limited freedoms to which we still cling with ancient anti-freedom, anti-humankind oppressive government. They have already destroyed an estimated one-third of small entrepreneurs in favor of the big corporations they love and through which they get paid. Entrepreneurs are the single most valuable and obvious manifestation of human freedom. Wiping out small entrepreneurs and replacing them with fascist enterprises (i.e., government-favored corporations), with wards of the state — paid for by us serfs and now approaching one third of the population and with never-competent and costly entrepreneur-killing public employees who will, with mathematical certainty, create Venezuelan-style authoritarianism, subsistence living and abject poverty.
Southern Nevada grew in the 1950s and 1960s because of the obvious-to-all failure of the oppressive governments of Germany, Italy and Japan, the bankrupted government of the U.S., the openness of Nevada’s leaders (even to vices, such as gambling, prostitution and divorce) and the prevailing we-can-do-anything belief among the
returning soldiers and the women who had succeeded in running both the factories and the homes of the nation.
I personally remember how returning soldiers were offered 5 acres of land outside Las Vegas (which ended at Charleston) in Paradise Valley (now in the vicinity of the airport), when the construction of the hotels began, when my family was asked by the “government” (then the entrepreneurial-oriented Chamber of Commerce) to host visitors in our home and when homes were being built in the desert by the thousands.
Mr. Sisolak (County Commission chairman) and Mr. Hornbuckle (MGM President) changed all of that with their Stadium Project: No longer would the resorts serve the people of Southern Nevada. The People would be forced into serving the resort cartel juiced with 750 million taxpayer dollars, additional taxation only for policing the hotel
corridor, allowing the hotels to dictate county criminalization of homeowners sharing their homes with visitors or even relatives, to dictate how each of thousands of private small real  estate investors within 1,500 feet of any resort can use their land, allocating hundreds of billions of dollars in property and business values to the wealthiest of our community who were “selected” to receive medical marijuana licenses, etc.
Tigers do not change their stripes. Mr. Sisolak always favors the powerful and organized over the individual, the already chosen-to-be wealthy over the entrepreneur, the already fascist corporate machine, which we know as the Nevada Resort Association and the “Prevailing Wage Corporation/Union Cartel over the individual, the oppressor over the oppressed, the big campaign contributor over the small one, his thousands of bureaucrats over the 3 million taxpayers and, of course, his public employee union thugs over us serfs even as they murder our children and destroy their futures. That is why he orders us to commit economic suicide and still pay taxes while making vacuous suggestions to the murderous thugs that they might do the job they are being paid by us to do and open the schools.
And, yes, just like Hitler was doing society a favor by exterminating the “dangerous and dirty” Jews, Mr. Sisolak couches his dictates as doing society a favor by using us and our children to stop the demon virus. Ironically, it is the closing of schools in the spring of 2020 that prevented 15-20 percent of our population (i.e., schoolchildren)
from becoming immune and non-virus-spreading by the end of the 2020 school year six months ago. He and the thugs that are his real bosses have converted that easily-immunized segment of the population into permanent virus spreaders. His lockdowns and inane regulations will spur additional viral waves long into the future. His big oppressive government solutions to everything have failed miserably at every step and will only be compounded exponentially by the billions he expects the Biden Administration to steal from future generations (the most
cowardly act of all) in order for Mr. Sisolak to appease the thugs.
The big and oppressive know-it-all-government approach has already proven thousands of times only to bankrupt the populace. Even the doctrine-hardened Communist Party of China gave up this approach 41 years ago after it had made its billion people poorer than the people of Chad. The CPC stole the model of self-responsibility,
entrepreneurship and economic freedom from the USA and today it is both easier for 100 percent of the workers of China to get a raise or to set up a business than perform either task in Clark County or Nevada. Thousands of Chinese workers and entrepreneurs are buying houses with all cash in California, Nevada, Washington, etc. Is one
Nevada worker even able to dream of returning the favor? And that’s today. How much less likely will such a dream be possible after the Governor, his party and its activists finish off the remaining surviving entrepreneurs/taxpayers.
No, NO, NO! Only the opposite approach will overcome the disastrous effects of his shutdowns. This means:
—Drastic reductions of taxes and government functionaries
—Elimination of the dozens of Nevada government-sponsored guilds—which primarily exist to discourage competition
—Elimination of Business License fees and departments
—Enforcement of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution: your home is your castle and government has no right to control what you do inside, except with the issuance of a legitimate, law-abiding warrant for an
actual crime being committed (i.e., with actual human victims, not fabricated “government victims”
—Loosening of zoning and building regulations so these are one percent of building costs, not 30 percent
—Rules that encourage private ownership of public transportation: The U.S. has thousands of high-fare public transportation agencies, not one of which pays for itself. Most of the rest of the world relies on low-fare profit-making private transportation companies and individual entrepreneurs.
—New rules permitting building of apartments and condos with easy job access (i.e., competitive private “public” transportation) that have zero parking requirements, so it is possible to survive and thrive without needing to maintain a car.
Yup, you were right, Governor, in what you let slip: You have done everything you possibly could “to spread the virus” with your big government-knows-best approach, which claims to be controlling the virus. Not only have you prevented the natural development of herd immunity, thereby setting up endless waves of growing rates of
infection, but you have also increased the student suicide rate by 1,100 percent and literally destroyed our economy and the lives of hundreds of thousands of us serfs.
Pandemics are natural occurrences throughout history. Like King Canute who thought he could order the tide to recede you thought you could command the virus to recede. Instead, your false belief has helped it spread. But you didn’t even stop there and went forth to create vastly more damage than the virus itself and its thousands of predecessors could ever dream of doing.
Before giving Nevada society’s worst of the worst (public union thugs) more power, PLEASE DECLARE FREEDOM FOR THE PEOPLE OF NEVADA.

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