Bravo for Mayor Goodman Bravo!

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman
By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman

Only another Goodman is able to be as open as the past Goodman mayor of Las Vegas was. Only a Goodman can be as honest and straightforward as our present mayor was during a telephone conversation with the daily newspaper regarding the lead article of the Nevada section of the Review-Journal.
For the last two and one half decades the people of Las Vegas and the local and national news agencies have been accustomed to the honesty and outspoken behavior of the two mayors that share the family name.
As we read about the lengthy conversation Mayor Carolyn Goodman had with the Review-Journal we cannot agree more with her and we have shared the same feelings for a very long time calling Governor Steve Sisolak a Nevada Dictator in many of our numerous articles during the pandemic’s state close-down.
“He has been a dictator with whom we have complied every step of the way,” Mayor Goodman told the Review-Journal.
Around noon on Tuesday, the same day the Review-Journal published that telephone conversation, our mayor, Carolyn Goodman, tweeted the following message,“The city of Las Vegas continues to comply with the pandemic safety requirements from Governor Sisolak and the Southern Nevada Health District.
“Changing and inconsistent requirements are harming businesses and those who are being responsible, and following the safety guidelines.
Unfortunately, these mandates are causing additional severe anxiety to those already suffering and unemployed, to those about to lose their jobs and to small business owners.
“Nonetheless, I hope that everyone looks to help each other and has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving season.”
Mayor Carolyn Goodman succeeded her husband, Oscar Goodman, who most likely will go down in history as the most likable and most popular mayor in the history of Las Vegas, despite the controversy of his previous career, before she and her husband joined the political arena. Oscar Goodman was a very controversial defense attorney, and we all probably remember the tricky interview our present mayor had with the Communist News Network (CNN) where Anderson Cooper, an anti-Trump mercenary newsman, tried to embarrass her for speaking her mind.
Most people find it politically refreshing that Mayor Goodman is brave enough to speak what she feels and acknowledges that most people in Nevada see the governor as an enemy of the state and others are sorry
for believing in him as much as they did to elect him.

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