Local media doing nothing for locals

The Henderson Pravda newspaper, AKA the Las Vegas Sun, is known as the echo of the New York Times. In fact one time the daily newspaper — which carries the Sun insert in its publication and tried to stop their agreement because the Henderson newspaper did not carry enough local news — wrote about how Americans have been waiting for the money in other states, but not one word about the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) where the obvious fraud is ignored by the newspaper and the rest of the local media.
Four television stations with “the best investigators in the world,” one semi-daily newspaper with three local articles, an insert, and one online newspaper worth reading besides the Las Vegas Tribune, but no one is writing about the governor holding the money that belongs to Nevadans and allows many to go homeless, have their lights turned off for non payment, and lose their homes with only three years to pay their mortgages in full.
Not one of those news outlets is writing about how Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak is holding the money that belongs to Nevadans or depositing the money into someone else’s accounts instead of into the legit account-holders accounts. And none are bringing up the issue of how Sisolak is destroying Nevada just because of his obvious well
publicized hate for President Donald Trump.
People have lost their homes, some are living in the dark because their power has been turned off, some have had their cars repossessed because they could not make their payments, but the local media is turning its back to the people of this great state. Governor-turned-tyrant, Steve Sisolak, is helping to increase the homeless population by holding the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, PUA, for many unknown reasons, but also because of his hate for the duly elected president of the United States of America, Donald Trump.
We all remember how happy Sisolak looked when he learned that President Trump had tested positive for coronavirus and now he is in the same sad predicament and may not be as lucky as the president to recoup in a speedy time frame.
In court papers back in 2019, the Review-Journal explained in part why it wanted to end the agreement with its neighbor counterpart.
The filing alleges that “the Sun withholds local news content in favor of wire service stories” but it seems to be the same thing the local media is doing.
The lack of local news content in the supposedly mainstream local media is so obvious that it is both laughable and sad at the same time because they are all insulting the intelligence of the Nevada citizens by not doing their journalistic jobs.
They all claim to be the max authority in the news business, but they are all keeping their mic shut and their ink too light to cover for those elected officials that are not doing their job.
Filling their pages with national and international news is not serving the community; using their airtime with infomercials, weather and traffic is not fulfilling their duties as journalists.
They all have plenty of reporters, many investigative reporters and photographers, but they all seem to be assigned to non-important issues.
There is a famous five-star Strip hotel that allows its dealers to work after having tested positive for the coronavirus, but we do not see that anywhere on the air or in print.
There are state inmates who have tested positive for drugs, but no one in the “local media” has questioned the fact that if the prisoners in the prison are in quarantine and the staff are the only ones going home, how is it that the prisoners are testing positive for drugs?
The Fire at the Alpine Hotel in Las Vegas has proven the ineptness of the City of Las Vegas Code Enforcement but not one word in the mainstream local media about that.
None of these “little details” are seen in the almighty “local media,” giving the idea that either they are not doing their job or they are covering for all elected officials.
None of these issues are seen in the local newspaper pages or on the television screen, but the articles on that matter that are published by the Las Vegas Tribune are not seen anywhere. When one goes to Google and looks for those articles created and published by the obscure little band of employees at the weekly newspaper called the Las Vegas Tribune, they are nowhere to be found and we are wondering why. And who is hiding the articles that are published in this newspaper by the very dedicated little staff that we do have?
That is why we, the staff, as a legit member of the media, are asking the local media and the almighty big deal media enterprises to do their jobs and stop covering for the government corruption; and if they don’t have the cajones to do that, do not hide our work; let others see what we are doing for the community.

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