Three reasons why Stavros Anthony may have lost the County Commission race

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Anthony told us that the woman that other newspapers call   his campaign manager was not his campaign manager.

The Stavros Anthony yard sign that still stands erect outside the Las Vegas Tribune, in the middle of the front yard remains because we are not ashamed of our loyalty to the former police captain and the city council of Ward 6.
However, the newspaper’s loyalty to Anthony does not make us blind to the reality that he lost, and we see three reasons why Stavros Anthony did not win District C in the Clark County Commission.
The first reason why City Councilman Stavros Anthony might have lost the election for District C in the Clark County Commission is because he is a registered Republican and the Clark County Commission does not allow Republicans on that board. In that regard, Republicans in Clark County are all cowards and are afraid of upsetting their Democrat counterparts in the Clark County Commission and do not fully support the Republican candidates as they are supposed to.
Besides the fact that Republicans in Clark County are not united and do not support each other, regardless of who the candidate is, there is no loyalty to the party and less loyalty to the people of Nevada; they do not want to accept the fact that they are afraid of confronting and upsetting the Democrats by supporting one of their own.
There is nothing wrong with Ross Miller; in fact he reminds us of an old man named Ross Miller that came to Las Vegas from Chicago, Illinois and became one of the owners of the newly built high-rise casino named the Riviera Hotel. He’s a very nice guy.
The only thing there is not to like about Ross Miller — the politician, not the casino operator — is that we do not like dynasties and we believe that Ross Miller is trying to follow in his father’s footsteps in politics.
Another reason we do not like Ross Miller is, besides his being a Democrat, is that we like Stavros Anthony much more and because the Democrats of today are not the same Democrats of the past showing more resemblance to communism than ever.
Up to now, the Las Vegas Tribune never looked at the candidate by party affiliation, but rather at what they are doing for the community and the district or ward they represent. In the past we have maintained a very civil relationship with Democrats such as Larry Weekly and Larry Brown.
But both Larry Weekly and Larry Brown are at their term limits so we are not bowing down to them (not that we ever did) and besides, neither one is considered a friend of this newspaper, mainly for the reason that most politicians stop being friends with this newspaper — because we do our job, regardless of who we like or do not like, and they do not like our modus operandi.
Reason number two why Stavros Anthony lost his chance to be the first Republican in two decades to win a seat in the Democrat County Commission is because he had the wrong campaign manager, just as happened to District Court Judge Bill Kephart who lost his seat in the District Court bench for his loyalty to his campaign manager that we believe does nothing to win any campaign.
With the great support and endorsement of Veterans in Politics for Judge Bill Kephart to have lost the election is strong proof that his campaign manager did not do much to help him win.
Reason number three that Stavros Anthony lost his chance to become the first Republican sitting in the Democrat County Commission is that he made the biggest mistake a politician can make; he got caught in a lie.
Politicians and elected officials can make a million mistakes, but never can they make the mistake of getting caught in a lie because the voters do not like to be lied to; being lied to makes the voters feel like they were being presumed to be stupid and no one wants to be thought of as being stupid.
One day, during a friendly visit to this newspaper office, while sitting in the office of the Las Vegas Tribune face to face looking straight at the founder, publisher and editor in chief’s eye, Anthony told us that the woman that appears in every other newspaper as his campaign manager was not his campaign manager.
In the past, the Las Vegas Tribune has exposed the financial trouble of the campaign manager for former District Court Judge Bill Kephart and City Council Stavros Anthony; we have exposed the bad check-writing of their campaign manager, but they have ignored us and perhaps have taken our journalist investigation as a personal
vendetta, but nothing is further from the truth; we even printed the bank’s returned checks, which will not let us mislead our readers or lie.
It is too much of a coincidence that two popular and perhaps well-liked candidates, who happen to have the same campaign manager, can lose an easy-win position, making many believe that the opposition party may have paid for them to lose the easy-to-win election.

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