The Art of the (Election) Steal

By Chuck Muth
When President Trump and his supporters say “stop the count,” they’re NOT saying don’t count legally cast ballots. They’re saying stop  counting ballots until the ballot-counting process can be properly observed. Big difference.
As former Soviet Union dictator Joseph Stalin famously is quoted as saying, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”
One need not be a conspiratorialist to acknowledge that the new election system imposed on Nevadans by Gov. Steve Sisolak and the Democrat-controlled Legislature back in August (AB4) — just three months before a major presidential election! — is a complete mess.
The biggest problem, of course, is that ALL voters were automatically mailed ballots even if they didn’t request a mail-in absentee ballot.
That was a recipe for disaster for all kinds of reasons and everybody knew it. Sisolak and the Democrats did it anyway.
The biggest problem is that people who should have been removed from the voter list… weren’t.  Which means ballots were mailed to people who shouldn’t have been mailed to — including a suspected 80,000 people who SHOULD have been removed from the Clark County list after the primary. An example… Let’s say your spouse passed away seven years ago.
And let’s say you failed to notify the Election Department — which surely happens because, let’s face it, when you lose a loved one, probably the last thing you worry about is calling the Election Department.
 And why would you? Your spouse can no longer vote, right? After all, they’re dead. So what’s the big deal, right?
Your deceased spouse then doesn’t vote in the next few elections. As such, the Election Department mails your spouse a postcard, suspecting that your spouse either moved or passed away. And if the post office returns the postcard indicating your spouse no longer lives there, then your spouse can be removed from the voter file.
But since YOU still live at the address, the postcard is delivered by the post office and not returned to the Election Department. As such, your spouse remains on the voter file.
Which, in the “old days” before AB4, wasn’t such a potential problem. After all, your spouse wasn’t going to show up on election day and try to vote, right? And unless you really intended to commit voting fraud, you’re not going to request an absentee mail-in ballot on behalf of your deceased spouse. So the potential for the dead fraudulently voting was minimal.
But under the new Sisolak System, all the dead voters who were still on the voting list were automatically mailed an unsolicited ballot.
Which made it easy and convenient for anyone willing to cast an illegal vote on behalf of a dead person.
All you do is fill out the dead person’s ballot and sign it as closely as you can to the deceased person’s signature and mail it in. The odds of such an unscrupulous individual getting caught is practically nil.
The solution is simple: Stop automatically mailing ballots to dead people. Duh.
And the only way to do that is to stop automatically mailing ballots to everyone UNLESS they specifically request a mail-in ballot. So let it be written; so let it be done.
“It doesn’t matter what I believe. It only matters what I can prove.” The lead story in Thursday, Nov. 12 Las Vegas Review-Journal is headlined: “GOP Claims Misfire: Detailed Evidence of Voting Irregularities Lacking.” It’s actually a well-done, comprehensive report, but let’s take a look at it…
First, the absence of proof is not proof of absence.
Just because those currently investigating the systemic voting irregularities of Clark County’s 2020 election haven’t provided the public or the media its evidence doesn’t mean they don’t have any.
Whatever evidence they might have will be presented to the courts in various lawsuits that can’t be filed until after the ballot-counting is over…which is today.
On the other hand, as Tom Cruise said in A Few Good Men, “It doesn’t matter what I believe. It only matters what I can prove.”
Unfortunately, some people on the right continue to make wild allegations without not only presenting any proof, but without presenting even a reasonable suspicion that proof might exist. Here’s an example…
A certain rather irresponsible blogger claimed on Wednesday that “140K Non-Citizens Received Mail-In Ballots.” But even his own numbers, let alone his assumptions don’t add up.
“According to Clark County Officials, only 30 non-citizens were removed from the voter rolls in 2019,” Rob Lauer wrote. “That means at some 140,000 non-citizens received mail-in-ballots in this year’s presidential election.”
No, it doesn’t mean that at all.
His “proof” is supposedly that some 77,000 people in Nevada have been issued green cards since 2013 and another 63,000 have been issued Driver Authorization Cards. But here’s the thing… The fact that someone was issued a green card or driver authorization card doesn’t prove they were mailed a general election ballot. In addition, many of those green card holders might also have obtained a driver authorization card, meaning the blogger is counting them twice to reach his inflated figure.
Regardless of what the actual figure is — and I don’t even take this guy’s figures at face value because his reporting is so sloppy — Lauer provides absolutely no proof whatsoever that any of those individuals
actually voted. And unless they actually voted, there’s no voting fraud.
So making this wild, click bait claim only undermines the legitimacy and credibility of real investigations of real potential voting fraud.
But back to the RJ story… Reporter Art Kane writes that “Nevada Democratic Party communications director Molly Forgey said Trump supporters have tried everything to overturn valid election results.”
That, of course, is not true. Trump supporters aren’t trying to overturn VALID election results. They’re trying to overturn suspected INVALID election results, if they exist.
And while President Trump is currently trailing Joe Biden by fewer than 37,000 votes out of more than 1.3 million cast, there are a number of local races in Clark County that are a heckuva lot closer.
For example…
—In the Laughlin Town Board election, Hermon Walker currently leads Gina Mackey by just 69 votes out of over 13,000 cast.
—In State Senate District 6, Democrat Nicole Cannizzaro leads Republican April Becker by just 852 votes out of more than 64,000 cast.
—In State Senate District 5, Democrat Kristee Watson leads Republican Carrie Buck by just 202 votes out of almost 64,000 cast.
—In the county-wide Family Court Department U race, Dawn Throne leads by fewer than 7,000 votes out of 690,000 votes cast. That’s less than a 1 percent margin.
—In the Clark County Commission C race, Democrat Ross Miller leads Republican Stavros Anthony by fewer than 600 votes out of 146,000 votes cast. That’s less than 1/2 of 1 percent — a razor thin margin.
So this fight isn’t just about President Trump. And frankly, it’s not just about these particular races in this year’s fouled-up election.
This fight is about exposing all the problems caused by the rushed, last-minute changes in election law passed by Democrats in the Legislature and signed by Gov. Sisolak in August.
This fight is about making sure this assault on the integrity of Nevada’s elections NEVER happens again.
I’ll detail more of the specific problems that have been uncovered in Part III of “The Art of the (Election) Steal.” Don’t touch that dial!
Ballot Integrity Task Force If you live in Clark County and believe you know of potential voting fraud or other election irregularities, please report it by shooting an email to us at or call (702) 670-2576 with as much detail as possible and your contact information.
* * * * *
Chuck Muth is president of and publisher of He blogs at His views are his own.

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