DETR fraud may have come from within the department

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
Two different cases involving two different persons have proven to this newspaper that the money that belongs to them from the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) fund has been deposited in accounts that do not belong to either one of them.
The two account numbers have been changed and the change can only be done from inside, by an employee of Governor Steve Sisolak’s Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) paid by the state of Nevada and with access to the computers in the office.
The state is good in giving titles within the crime organization of Governor Steve Sisolak; a telephone call from one of the news personnel to the alleged “communications director” for the State of Nevada resulted in learning that Gregory Bortolin is the communications director for tourism and visitors to the State of Nevada. In English, that means “a peddler for business and money for the State of Nevada” and nothing else, not the middle man between the almighty governor and the people who live in the State of Nevada, and who may have voted for him to sit in the Governor’s mansion and go out to eat anywhere he chooses and likes.
When Gregory Bortolin was informed of the alleged fraud by government employees under the Sisolak dictatorship he explained that DETR was not under his “jurisdiction” and referred the Las Vegas Tribune email to Rosa Mendez, the public information officer for the Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation and stating that Mendez will be getting in touch; but as always, seventy-two hours later, no Mendez, no Rosa, no Rosa Mendez, no one from the Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) has called or contacted the newspaper in any form or shape.
Thirty-two deposits have been made to an account that has been changed from the original account number to an unknown account number that they “cannot give out” and so no one knows who owns it and “no one knows” who made the change or why, but in the meantime the legit owner of that money has had the lights turned off for non payment.
Dictator, King and Thief-in-Chief Steve Sisolak is the only one in the whole nation in that position that has no telephone, no email, no text account and no communication whatsoever with the outside world; the only one with no public information office (much less a director) to cover for all his dirty and criminal wrongdoing.
Steve Sisolak needs to man up and face the music that the people of the State of Nevada are playing. Steve Sisolak needs to man up and talk to the people of the State of Nevada and tell them where their money went.
Nevada knows that Steve Sisolak played the “economic disaster” game by withholding the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) money that does not belong to him to make the Nevada economy the disaster that it is so he could blame President Donald Trump for it, but enough is enough.
It is time to save the life of those who are waiting for their money for the last eight months; it is time to investigate the fraud that is coming from within his organization.
If Governor Steve Sisolak is not man enough to do the right thing for the people of the great State of Nevada, maybe the people of the great State of Nevada have to bypass Governor Steve Sisolak and ask the federal government to intervene on their behalf.
The Las Vegas Tribune spoke to a representative of Nevada Power, but they cannot talk to us about the account because the newspaper nor anyone in the newsroom is on the account, but they confirmed that the power was turned off for non payment of $1,600.00, which is how long they have been waiting for money that it is rightfully theirs.

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