The voting is over… but where do we stand now?

Maramis Choufani is the Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune.


Maramis Choufani is the Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune

As everyone who reads our paper knows, Rolando Larraz does not intend to keep this paper going under the Biden administration. If you really have been reading our paper, you don’t have to ask why. But you might
want to know what the plan is while we’re still under the Trump administration.
While I don’t have all the details, I can tell you this: In as few words as possible, Trump’s administration is not over yet. First of all, he is still the president until the 46th president is sworn in, and that, as we all know, isn’t until January 20th of next year. But also as we all know — or have heard — President Trump honestly believes that the mail-in ballot situation was far from honest and just, calling it a fraud. No, I cannot know his heart, regarding whether he really believes that or if it’s just something that people (politicians) say when they need a good excuse for a recount or an investigation into the voting system. But I can say that if President Trump can prove his claims in a small sample, it could well be that there’s more to it on a grand scale. The least we, the public, can do is agree with Trump and everyone at large that we want fair and honest elections.
No matter who you voted for, I hope you can honestly say that it is better to have an honest election than to have the candidate you wanted to be president win by fraud. Dishonesty will always be found out. Sometime. Some way. And some day.
If Trump can show (prove) that several dead people did indeed vote,and for Biden, coupled with showing (proving) that several votes were cast by those ineligible to vote, wouldn’t that be cause enough to investigate the mail-in votes for fraud on the basis of a small sample group being representative of showing it is very possible that there was a likely larger number of fraudulent votes? Even with such fraud, the difference in the tally may not be enough to change the outcome of the election, but wouldn’t there be a huge outcry and demand for
checking into it if Trump had been victorious this time around as well?
An honest and fair election means that whatever system is used, it must be approved of by both sides (both Democrats and Republicans), but wouldn’t it be better still if somehow it was overhauled so that cries of voter fraud did not surface so often? I’m a fan of going back to having Election Day as the only day on which to vote, but obviously allowing for absentee ballots for those on active duty and unable to vote in person. Are there really that many more voters now that we get to vote during any number of days over a period of weeks or do we just
get more chances for voter fraud? I don’t know.
One certainly doesn’t even have to like Trump to see that it’s possible there was fraud. Don’t we all care about honest elections?
Other than those voters who would be very happy to have the candidate of their choice win under any conditions or circumstances, no matter what or how, wouldn’t we all (or at least most of us) prefer to have really honest elections that we could trust without wondering who did what or what tricks were used for getting a candidate elected?
I am talking about all elections, not just this one. I’m talking about taking steps to see that only eligible people vote. Surely, there must be some way to ensure that ineligible voters will be found out and weeded out. And regarding the votes that have been cast by the deceased, why is there not a way to cleanse all the voting  registration rolls from those who have passed away. Isn’t it mandatory to inform the state’s department of registered voters that a voter is no longer among the living? Can’t that notification be somehow automatic — so many other things get into the system automatically. It would be easy enough for the family of the deceased to add one more person or department to inform of the death of a family member, but apparently that has never been a habit for people to do, so that they remain on the rolls of the valid voters for years after their death.
And in addition to creating the possibility for voter fraud, it also causes a large waste of money when notices of any kind continually get sent out to those people who no longer can vote, since they can’t even receive their mail!
Maybe some day all doctors who are present at a death, or who sign the death certificate, will also see to it that the death notification will be sent on to the appropriate office to get the deceased person’s name removed from the list of valid voters. Coroners can do that as well. In today’s world, with all the technology we have — and computer programmers who can do just about anything—there’s no reason why that can’t be a normal and usual thing to do. If it isn’t 100 percent accurate, it can sure cut down the list of dead people who vote slipping through the cracks. And since dead people don’t vote without help from the living, maybe there would be fewer people willing to risk getting caught for the sake of faking a vote for one of the dead.
But even supposing there wasn’t nearly enough fraud to tilt the results of the election in the other direction, don’t we all really want honest elections? If Biden did not win by fraud, and he will truly be our 46h president, how are those who are still cheering for Trump to triumph going to deal with it? Would they be willing to have Trump cheat his way to a win? I hope not, because no mater how I feel about the election, it’s really important to me to trust in my country and in our election system. Why would anyone continue to vote if they felt their vote would be discounted in favor of a pre-selected president, regardless of what the majority of voters wanted?
So where do we stand now? I hope we’ll continue to stand on the cherished soil we call the United States of America, the home of the free.
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Maramis Choufani is the Managing Editor of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Maramis, email her at

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