Start spreading the Democrats’ wealth

Democrats will spread the wealth with these less fortunate.
By Perly Viasmensky
Las Vegas Tribune

V.P. Harris: “Democrats will spread the wealth with these less fortunate because we are all equals.”

Everybody is talking about Joe Biden having won the presidency, but up to this moment everything is so confusing that we have no clue who the president will be come January 2021.
Regardless, “President” Kamala Harris speaking to a group of people stated that “we are all alike, we should all be in the same place.
Equality is very important.” This is not the first time these Democrats have expressed the opinion that wealth must be spread around because we are equals.
Very noble of “President Harris and her Vice President Joe Biden,” because there is lots of wealth to spread. Kamala Harris’s net worth is 6.3 million (her husband is not worth much). So, she should start the spread.
Listing all the wealth of certain Democrats, so benevolent, considering that we are all alike standing in the same place, and that wealth should be spread, let’s consider how much riches are between all of them: Joe Biden’s net worth is 10 million and his son Hunter’s is 3 million (that’s what people know about; we have no clue what they
have hidden under the mattress).
Nancy Pelosi’s net worth is 140 million (by spreading her wealth, she will learn to wash her own hair and use a blower and curling iron without going to a stylist and many people will benefit by her spread); Chuck Schumer and his wife Amy — $1,900,000; Harry Reid — 10 million; Adam Schiff — 2 million; George W. Bush (yes, he who once
upon a time was a Republican and now is a supporter of the Democrats, only because he has a great amount of hate for Donald Trump because his brother was not allowed to continue running for president, without understanding that his brother Jeb was not prepared to be president of this great country) — 40 million.
Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak — 3 million; this is the man who held all unemployment checks with the unholy desire to destroy the economy at the expense of the citizens of the state he is supposed to represent and protect, just to blame Donald J. Trump for the failed economy.
Barack and Michelle Obama — 140 million; Bill and Hillary Clinton 120 million; Lady Gaga, who was so connected to Joe Biden and campaigned for him — 320 million; Emilio and Gloria Estefan — 700 million; and the best of them all, George Soros, the one who pays for all the protesters to destroy our cities — 8 billion (billion with a capital B).
The name of the game according to Kamala Harris is “equality” and this will be a fantastic opportunity for all homeless people to be equal, and with the wealth all of them are going to spread around, nobody will have money problems. All casino owners would need to share their wealth as well, and several of the homeless people would take possession of the executive suites of the hotel/casinos, ordering food and most of all DRINKS from room service.
That’s the beauty of sharing the wealth, and the mentality of communists. The reality will be rationing all items of great necessity; the Review-Journal will be an item of great necessity when toilet paper becomes something of the past. Going to the grocery store not when you feel like it, but when the date shown on your government issued ID card says you should go. Still, you need to stand on line to buy a pound of rice, and there is a strong possibility by the time you get to the front of the line, there is no more rice and you need to wait for another month, to stand on line again.
To all of you who wanted communism, and have no clue what communism is, enjoy the share of the wealth. When communists get a hold of a country, they never let it go.
Russia became communist in 1922 and never released the grip. China in 1949, when Mao Zedong proclaimed the birth of the People’s Republic of China, a Bamboo curtain descended on some 540 million Chinese, just as an iron curtain had descended across the European continent.
Cuba became communist in 1959, under the Castro regime, which sold the island to Russia and 61 years later its citizens are living under oppression, without any hope. And yes, very limited food.
Vietnam officially became a communist country in 1976. That was 44 years ago and never softened the grip.
A year after communist President Evo Morales fled Bolivia to Mexico in the wake of electoral fraud, his party Movement for Socialism (MAS) is back in power to the delight of US Representative Ilhan Omar and Senator Bernie Sanders. Opponent Carlos Mesa conceded to the new communist President-Elect Luis Arce who served as Evo Morales’ Finance Minister.
Arce, who reportedly has a portrait of murderous communist and mercenary Che Guevara in his office, as did former President Barack Obama in his Houston campaign headquarters, who was supported by international communist movements.
The communist Luis Arce has been given the platform at many American Universities A Bolivarian Republic, Venezuela, turned to socialism in 1998 when Hugo Chavez was elected president after two unsuccessful coup attempts to oust his predecessor.
Venezuela, one of the richest countries in South America became the poorest country in the world. Proof of it can be found in the hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans that had emigrated to the state of Florida escaping from communism.
All those newly arriving people confusing democracy with Democrats need to understand there is a big difference between the two terms, and coming from a foreign country they need to be educated first by learning the English language and most of all the history of this country.
All those new arrivals from third world countries that find themselves in homes with tiles and carpet floors instead of the bare ground as they have in their countries is not because of the gifts of democrats but because of democracy in our country.
Everybody has been willing to risk danger to cross the river for the American dream, but they have no idea that they will be coming to a communist nightmare now under Biden.

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