Blame Bush, Blame McCain… for being traitors

Former President George W Bush
Senator John McCain

Being a sore loser does not give anyone the right to destroy the future of an entire country, but that is exactly what former President George W. Bush and the late Senator from Arizona John McCain’s family did by turning their backs on the Republican Party and this great nation.
Both of those alleged Americans had lost their own or their family’s political aspirations when they lost their bid for the presidency.
John McCain lost once to George W. Bush in 2000 when they both were running for the Republican Party nomination, but the Senator from Arizona did not hate his counterpart from Texas, George W. Bush, and
did not support the Democratic candidate Al Gore; Senator McCain did not endorse Al Gore just because George Bush beat him in the nomination.
George Bush betrayed the Republican Party and the United States of America because he and his late father, former president George H.W. Bush, were denied the opportunity of keeping a Bush dynasty going when his brother, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, lost the Republican nomination for the 2016 presidential race later won by President Donald J. Trump.
It is a matter of fact former Florida Governor Jeb Bush did not lose the presidential race to Donald J. Trump; he stepped down because he knew that he did not have the same chance his father and his brother had of becoming president of this great nation.
However, President Donald J. Trump should not be blamed for the little Bush stepping down from the race; he must have realized that the American people might have been tired of the Bush name: Bush, Bush the second, and then Bush the third? No way, the American people are not used to nor interested in dynasties.
Being a sore loser is not a legit excuse to become a traitor to our country by turning this nation into a communist nation and that is what the Bush Crime Family and the widow of John McCain have done by turning their backs on the Republican Party and the United States of America.
We never had the honor of meeting Senator McCain, but we have the feeling that if he was alive he would not have agreed with his wife’s position of helping the Democrat-Socialist Party to become the ruling party in this great nation.
People around Senator John McCain may have called him a hero, but as we are writing this editorial no one in this room ever heard Sen. McCain call himself a hero; he was a prisoner of war like so many others before him and after him, and every time there is war.
We all, as Americans, are very grateful to Sen. McCain for his service to the nation, but that is no reason to accept his family’s betrayal to the nation as okay. In our opinion, there is no excuse for ever joining those who are turning the best country of them all into another Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Russia, China or Vietnam.
Those people (Americans in name only) who betrayed this country will one day see their actions as a symbol of treason and anti-Americanism and the consequences of such actions may well destroy the best country of them all — to what end?
We have to admit that we have never been too fond of the Bush Crime Family but our personal feelings would never interfere with the feelings we have for this nation and the loyalty we feel for the nation that has opened its arms to welcome so many people that have arrived here looking for the American Dream.
It wasn’t only the McCain and the Bush betrayals; there may be many others but those two families know they have some followers and they are looked at by a few in their own states as an example and even sometimes as leaders and they should not have betrayed that image by turning their back on the Republican Party and the American people.
There is no excuse for what the Bush and McCain families have done to the American people and we hope that this nation will realize that being anti-American for personal reasons and for an ego that has no limits is not the American way.
The American people may not be too sure of the reality of the future of this country, but there will be a time, not too long from now, that they are going to hold both the Bush Crime Family and the McCains guilty of turning this country over to the hands of communism.
We may not be around to see the results of the McCain and Bush families’ betrayal, but history will have the last word and they both will have to live with that shame.

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