We need a real president now more than ever

According to our calendar we only have eleven days left before election day and after that, who knows what will happen.
It is important that we all realize that the so-called mainstream media is President Donald Trump’s public enemy number one and they will never print or voice anything that shows the good side of the president.
What we call the Communist Media will never tell the truth about what President Trump has done, is doing, or plans to do because they cannot accept the fact that President Trump is his own man, his own person, and doesn’t need the media to put his message across.
That is one thing that bothers the Communist Media: President Trump is a person on his own, and since day one he has bypassed the Communist Media and never has backed down or out in putting his messages across to the American people.
The Communist Media wants the American people to believe that President Trump is behind in the polls, but we believe that those polls are not telling the truth. On Election Day we will see the truth when he wins the election. They’re using the old, the more you say it, the truer it must be ploy.
But assuming that we are the ones that could be wrong, we still want to open the eyes of our readers because it’s important that they picture their possible future.
In 2015 all the polls were favoring Hillary Clinton and we saw what happened; we saw who became the president and who took the oath on January 20, 2016.
Democrats are well known for misconstruing the reality of every issue, yet the future of this great nation depends on this election. This may be the most important election ever and it is important to be aware of that.
Communist regimes are well known for lasting “forever” and for turning their countries into radical regimes — picture hunger and lack of everything: food, clothing, opportunities, and above all, freedom; those precious freedoms of speech, expression, and opinion that we all now have.
The communists will veto your right to carry a gun to protect your family and your property (hasn’t Biden already told us that the guns must go?); and under communism you will not be able to raise your children as you wish; your children will become property of the state and you, as a parent, will not be able to have control over them.
You will not be able to go to the store and buy the products that you want or need because the shelves will be empty as they are today in the stores in Venezuela and Cuba.
We urge our readers, our community and the nation not to let the Democrats turn this great nation into a communist country because that is what will happen if the so-called Democrats (communists) take control in this election only eleven days away from today.
There will be no more “American dream” because the only thing we will be able to get from the communist Democrats will be an American nightmare.
Again we remind the American people to remember a phrase made famous by Democratic President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”
It matters not that it was said by a Democratic president, it is today more important than ever: we need to learn what we can do for our country. This is not the time to ask the government to do anything for us.
This is the time we have to think about our country; this is the time we need to sacrifice our personal beliefs and come back to reality and do what is best for the future for all of us.
We need help; we need to find a way to save our country from the communist mentality that the Democrats are trying to inflict upon us.
The people of this nation need to know that communism (or even socialism) is not what they think it is; it is not the pretty words written in the Communist Manifesto; they are liars, they are sneaky;they are not above doing anything anti American.
After all it is not going to be the Biden-Harris team; it is going to be Harris-Biden because it is almost a fact that if the communists win this election, Kamala Harris will be the first Black female president of the United States because Joe Biden does not appear to be capable of running this country.
Let’s hope and pray that we are wrong and that the American people prove to have common sense and we end up with the best possible president for this wonderful country of ours.

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