The dark side of Sisolak and his administration


By Perly Viasmensky


When I wrote in the issue of October 8, 2020 about a man who continued working construction and still received an unemployment check for $17,000, many people claimed it could not be possible.
I was pleased to read the column by Chuck Muth in the Las Vegas Tribune’s last week edition where he stated: “Without the statements from DETR, employers have a little-known option to check their account online. And one rather large Southern Nevada employer has been doing just that since the start of the #Sisolak Shutdown. And it ain’t pretty. The employer — whose identity is being kept confidential because we all know what a retaliation bully the governor is — noticed in July that one of its employees had received almost $8,000 in unemployment benefits during the 2nd quarter. Two problems: The employee was still working. And the benefit card was sent to an out-of-state address. The employer reported the obvious fraud to DETR. DETR said they’d look into it and cancelled the unemployment benefit debit card. Problem solved, right? Wrong. In September the same employee, who was still working, showed up AGAIN as the recipient of another $2,000 in unemployment benefits, but to a different debit card in a different state. The fraud was reported again. How many more examples like this are out there?”
Does Mr. Muth and everyone else want to know how many more examples are out there? Well, here comes another example, and I am still wondering how could this be possible, unless you have a contact inside the DETR, meaning inside of the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation.
A man just received a large amount of money for “unemployment.” Hold it, right then and there. How can this be possible? This man has never worked one day in this country but he receives welfare money and food stamps, so — from what funds is this man receiving money from unemployment?
He said, “Well, I applied and they sent it to me, so it is mine.”
What about the people born and raised in this country, such as single women who worked two jobs to support their children? Now that they need help because the governor forced them to stop working, they cannot and do not receive their unemployment assistance. How dare they give those funds to people who have never worked for a day in this
We had nothing but a fiasco with the call center from Irving, California that the State of Nevada hired, and now they hired another call center from El Paso, Texas.
This call center has constant music, with a waiting time of as long as 8 to 12 hours, with the intention to destroy the mental stability of the caller.
Calling the DETR telephone line and the waiting of eight to twelve hours listening to that flute music waiting for someone to answer the telephone line is worse than waterboarding; it is worse than the torture of sleep deprivation and exposure to jarring music that can drastically impair judgment that can cause a disturbing or painful effect on the nerves or mind. After listening to that music for several hours, it remains in your brain for several more hours; it is
just torture and mental cruelty, sent to you by a governor to create more mentally incapable citizens and placing them in mental hospitals to avoid needing to send their unemployment payments.
I had the opportunity to listen to that music when I let a friend use my phone when she had her phone cut off for lack of payment after waiting seven months to receive her unemployment compensation. I wonder who the narrow-minded and sadistic person is who chose that music to torment the callers.
The Nevada governor, himself, was a telemarketer; he was in the call center business, so he should know that there are several local call center businesses in Nevada; why, therefore, is he directing business to other states when Nevada needs the business and Nevadans need to work?
Definitely, the governor’s suit is too big for Mr. Sisolak and the people around him are trying to get inside that suit in order to dominate him.
I have spoken to several other people, and they all have similar complaints. Three of them said they uploaded their tax returns, proof of employment and several pieces of identification when they first applied for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) back in March 2020. Now, seven months later, those people are asking them to resend
all those documents, but also to include a bill from the power company or any other utility company showing their addresses.
Does anybody know the background of those many working behind the telephone lines? Hundreds of fraud cases have come to light; nobody knows who came in possession of all that personal and confidential information; what proof does anybody have that those fraud cases are not originating from inside the Department of Employment, Training and
Rehabilitation or the call centers where the hiring is done by the State of Nevada?
Others are complaining that after calling the call centers they are being informed that their cases are still under review and that will take at least 30 to 45 more days for the decision. Well, good reviewers that they are, after seven months, they still need another month and a half.
It was all over the news that local people are receiving as many as 16 debit cards with different names with the same address. It doesn’t take much to assume or comprehend that four people could share the same address, but sixteen? One of those “expert reviewers” could not catch such a “coincidence”?
I said it once and I say it again now: the governor doesn’t consider he has enough homeless people in the country of Nevada, so he is pushing many more people to the streets. No, it is no mistake; I did say the “country” of Nevada, because Nevada has become like a different country inside the United States of America.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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