Judge Herndon is not the only one that makes mistakes

Judge Douglas Herdon

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Judge Douglas Herdon

Much fuzz has been brought up about Judge Douglas Herndon putting an innocent man in prison for twenty years and we always wonder why “they” wait till election time (twenty years later) to bring such injustice to light.
Lots of judges on the Eighth Judicial District Court benches could be blamed for sending innocent people to prison and all because of the behavior of jealous prosecutors and their ambitious political hopes, some because of the prosecutors abuse and others, who intentionally walk into the courtroom to win a case at any cost.
It has been this newspaper’s belief for a long time that not too often does a man walk out of the Regional Justice Center as a free man unless it is with the blessing of the District Attorney and his deputies with political ambitions, and with the help of sold-out attorneys and scared judges who are afraid to confront or upset the almighty District Attorney.
If you have any doubts of what we are saying, ask Kirstin Lobato, ask Todd Beverly, ask Donovan Joseph and many others that are doing (or have done) time for crimes they did not commit.
Kirstin Lobato was eighteen years old when she was sent to prison for twenty years for a crime that she did not commit; her teacher, her priest, her beautician and many other people of her hometown testified that she was there, one hundred sixty miles from Las Vegas when the crime she was accused of took place.
Todd Beverly was sent to Nevada State Prison for a crime he did not commit and later, when his accuser told the office of the District Attorney that she was forced to lie and create the false accusations, the prosecutor told her to keep her mouth shut or she would be the one going to prison.
In both cases the prosecutor was William Kephart, who, after those two cases, became a Justice Court Judge and later won election to the Eighth Judicial District Court as Judge where he is now running for
re-election for the second time.
We have believed all the time that lots of people are prosecuted and sent to prison because the prosecutors are being told by the police to do so, the prosecutors tell the judges how to sentence the defendant and the defense attorney has no say so in any of the cases.
The voters should take into consideration the fact that many injustices happen in our judicial system, and we need to think twice about the reasons that past injustices come to light at election time and who brings them up.
Most of the judges have the good intention of doing the right thing from the bench but they make a mistake in relying on the prosecutors who in most cases are cold-blooded criminals looking not to do justice but to advance their careers. The bottom line is: do not let one single mistake — sad as it is, it is still just one single mistake — keep you from voting for Judge Herndon, which will deprive the people of Nevada from having a good judge with experience on the bench in the
Nevada Supreme Court.
The reality is that if the judges in the Eighth Judicial District Court would do their job right, there would be no need for Justices in the Nevada Supreme Court.

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