Hello, hello… Dorothy at DETR — where are you?

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
A woman who claimed her name is Dorothy and that she is working for the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR), made
a telephone call to a Las Vegas man from the telephone number (702) 486-1700 to let him know that his unemployment claim was approved.
The telephone prefix 486 indicates that the number is a state phone number so the man took the call seriously and that it was not a crank call after having waited for seven months to respond to his
unemployment claim.
That happened on October 8. Dorothy told the man that his claim has been approved and the check will go out that evening making him very happy.
The man showed the Las Vegas Tribune a power bill for almost two thousand dollars with a notice of termination proving the veracity of his situation.
Several calls to Dorothy’s telephone number (702) 486-1700 have never been answered and the man — as well as many of the people at the Las Vegas Tribune — has been at that task for all the working hours she
said they are open.
The telephone rings and then stops, and when one calls again, the line is busy for the next two tries and then rings again with no answer.
A man who claims his name is Jason and working for DETR in a call center in El Paso, Texas told our man in Las Vegas what he already learned from Dorothy that the claim has been approved and the check was sent to the bank, but a phone call to the bank confirmed that the money has not been sent, that Dorothy lied.
Jason, the DETR “employee” at the call center in El Paso told our man in Las Vegas the amount of money that was being paid to him, but told him that on several occasions the bank rejects the direct deposit if the amount is what they consider “too large” but they never notified the bank customer of that situation or decision.
The Las Vegas Tribune made a call to the man’s bank branch in Las Vegas and the 800 number for the bank, which was answered in Arizona, put him on the line to ask what is his limit for direct deposit. The bank in both locations notified him that he has no limit on direct deposit.
In fact, the bank in both locations told the customer that they never heard of a limit for direct deposits while it might be a limit on wire transfers proving that both DETR employees, Dorothy in Las Vegas and Jason at the call center in El Paso, Texas lied about the money being released.
In Las Vegas, Dorothy gave the man a “code” number that is a confirmation that the money has been released, and Jason, the employee at the DETR call center in El Paso, Texas read the same “confirmation”
number proving that something is wrong.
Our investigation discovered that many times DETR sends the check to another bank, even if they have the right bank account number, and sends a debit card for the taxpayer to take out the money.
For one who is in need of the money it may not matter what bank DETR sent to the money as long as they can take the money out, but here is the gimmick: in that bank the DETR recipient can ONLY withdraw one
thousand dollars per day, giving DETR the opportunity and the benefit of earning interest off the recipient’s money for few more days.
There is another case of an employee of a local casino who was sent home because he had the symptoms of the coronavirus, and who was sent to be tested. He was put in quarantine until results of the test could
be confirmed. In conclusion, that man lost two weeks of work; he applied again for unemployment assistance to be informed that the state has no more money to pay.

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