Sisolak mistreats, abuses Nevadans in need of DETR

is hiding under the skirts of Elisa Cafferata and any other woman in the office

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

A woman tried and almost killed herself in desperation.

Steve Sisolak is hiding under the skirts of Elisa Cafferata and any other woman in the office.

Utilizing all the telephone lines available in the Las Vegas Tribune office, calls were placed to the office of the Department of Employment and Rehabilitation Training to prove and confirm what several people have told the newspaper, that the DERT offices do not answer the telephone lines for people to inquire about where their money is.
All the lines were ringing for seven and a half hours, but only one phone call was answered, forcing everyone in the office to listen to that funeral music that they play on the telephone system that the taxpayers are paying for.
Some people have been waiting for the money that the federal government has ordered, approved and issued to compensate for the closing of the businesses due to the coronavirus pandemic brought and spread into the country by the Chinese communist government.
It is not known what authority Governor Sisolak has to manipulate and control money that was issued by the federal government to the citizens but no one is able to speak to the governor, his office, or any of those “gofers” working for him.
A woman came to the newspaper’s office to plead her case and right in front of all eyes present tried to end her life; we could not know if what she did was an act of desperation or she did it here to involve the newspaper in her demise (our conspiracy theory mentality at work), involving the newsroom in what would have been her death.
Nevadans have been waiting for the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, also known as PUA money, that was offered by the federal government… NO THE STATE OF NEVADA… to help small businesses, independent contractors and workers, as is the case of drivers with Uber and Lyft.
Democrats, responding to the visit of President Trump’s daughter to Las Vegas, did not speak a word about Nevadans claiming to be suffering the consequences of Governor Sisolak’s corrupt and greedy behavior.
It is obvious that the governor has stolen the money that belongs to the people of Nevada and as a coward, is hiding under the skirts of Elisa Cafferata and any other woman in the office of the Department of Employment and Rehabilitation Training.
Elisa Cafferata is one of those puppets that is abusing the people of Nevada just to please (obey) her boss, disregarding the problems the money-holding is causing the people who up to now have been proud residents of this beautiful state.Elisa Cafferata
Governor Sisolak is trying to destroy the economy of Nevada to make President Trump responsible for the situation playing politics with the lives of the residents of Clark County.
Governor Sisolak has to remember that the people of Nevada are also human beings that up to now have lived a normal life and are not responsible for the Chinese virus; the governor should not make Nevadans the victims of his hate for the duly elected President of the United States.

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