Where is the County Code Enforcement?

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Eighteen wheelers are not suppose to be in residential areas

In what appears to be a similarity between the city code enforcement and the county’s counterpart is happening in the area of Desert Inn and Decatur where eighteen-wheelers park by an elementary school and car-washing takes place on a daily basis without anyone paying for their business license, insurance, and taxes.
Code enforcement in both the county and the city seem to be playing games, not doing their job, or even worse, getting paid to look the other way.
Just recently we found that city code enforcement has not been doing its job and in many instances they have been lacking in doing it for up to two years, and as in the case of the Alpine Hotel, it came to light that code enforcement had not visited the Alpine in three years.
For more than a year the Las Vegas Tribune has been reporting about the eighteen-wheelers parked on the side of an elementary school and a residential area on Warnock Street between Desert Inn and Sirius Avenue.
Eighteen-wheelers are not supposed to be in residential areas according to the law; it is also a fact that these eighteen-wheelers come from out of town and travel long distances, bringing rats and other animals that could bring major problems and diseases to the community, but county code enforcement seems to ignore all that, not enforcing the law or allowing the law to be broken for some ulterior motive that only they (code enforcement agents) know.

Car wash without business license operate freely

The Las Vegas Tribune has also been reporting for more than one year the amount of car-washing operations on Sirius Avenue between Cameron and Warnock taking place without a business license or insurance and ignoring the taxes from that revenue.
The going price for this car wash is sixty-five dollars; assuming that they wash twenty cars, the profit is thirteen hundred dollars from which the county gets nothing.
Most of these are one-man operations so there are no overall expenses, no payroll, no rent for the space, no business license and all at the expense of the county residents.
This car wash operation is right behind an elementary school and in front of an apartment complex where children are playing and running around, making it more dangerous for these children without adult supervision that in some cases could turn into negligence if an accident should occur.
Calls made to the county business license were not returned and a call made to code enforcement, which was answered by a man named James, referred the newspaper to the public information office, alleging that they cannot talk to reporters.

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