I hope that Stavros Anthony wins the election for county commissioner

“Stavros Anthony for County Commissioner”

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz

“Stavros Anthony for County Commissioner”

Just four weeks left before election day and I want to call our readers’ attention to some of the misleading campaign advertising that the campaign managers place for their clients and also give my own personal opinion.
First, I’d like to start with the congressional race where that guy who once lived a double life for a very long time with a wife and a mistress — I probably shouldn’t mention his name because if I do, they’re going to accuse me of being racist just because he’s Black regardless of the fact that he lived a double life — but I am going to.
Nowadays one cannot criticize a person of color or nationality or anyone with a different sexual preference because they can accuse the person of racism, homophobia or anti-this or -that nationality regardless of the veracity of the criticism.
The woman in the television commercial said that her family had been in business in Las Vegas for thirty years and when the Pandemic came, they lost all their customers, but thanks to Steve Horsford — the hypocritical man with two homes — they were able to get a loan and all the customers came back.
Well, it may be my mental accent, but I think that if the customers left because of the coronavirus, the money had nothing to do with the business and the loan could not have brought the customers back.
Please do not insult the voters’ intelligence; do not make us believe that by having a loan to pay the rent will bring the customers back.
That is what happens when people cheat on their spouses; they do not think clear or they think that we are all stupid.
One thing I can assure them, if they would have asked me to be part of that television commercial, I would have turned it down because it would have made me look mentally challenged.
* * * * *
For a while I was very concerned about my favorite city councilman, Stavros Anthony, when I saw him during the last three city council meetings without a suit and a tie.
I was under the impression that he was forced to sell his suits to pay the campaign manager, because I have never seen Stavros during the council meeting without a suit and tie, giving his constituents the respect they deserve.
Of course it could also be that the grandma that runs his political race or campaign has told him to be more “up to date” in fashion, even if it’s not the normal thing to do.
I understand that nowadays to be in “style” men wear shoes without socks and jackets without a shirt or tie, and women wear jeans with holes and nail polish with only eight nails of the same color, giving the appearance that they ran out of nail polish and had to use another color.
I took the “Stavros Anthony for County Commissioner” sign I have in the front yard of my home to sell so I could donate the money for a jacket and a tie, but no one gave me any money; the sign in front of my office is still there because no one wants to buy it either.
It is a shame that such a great man like Stavros Anthony has to be so humble and let the woman who thinks she is a campaign manager control and manipulate him. It makes many wonder if when he wins this election he would be the county commissioner or he would do what Grandma tells him to do or how to vote.
However, with a suit or without a suit, with a tie or without one, with or without his campaign manager, I hope that Stavros Anthony wins this election for county commissioner because I believe that it is time for the Board of County Commission to make a change.
Thirty years have passed since one Republican has sat on that board; it is time to break that routine and break the ice of a Democratic board and have a Republican representing that sector of our community.
I admire Stavros Anthony for trying and I think more Republicans should put their money where their mouth is and make an effort to gain a seat on the county board.
Before anyone votes they should think twice and make sure that they are aware of who they are voting for. Read and research as much as possible because the future of our community and even more the future of this nation is at risk.
Don’t confuse democracy with Democrat; make sure to vote for someone who can have the best interest of the community at heart; don’t vote for someone who remembers your name or someone who remembers your child’s name, vote for someone who has the best interest of the entire community as their goal.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: Rlarraz@lasvegastribune.com or at 702-272-4634.

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