There is a November in every year…

By Perly Viasmensky
I have always been of a strong belief that the most important support a person can receive would be from his or her immediate family.
It is totally unbelievable that the family of Senator Joe Bidden has put him in a situation of total mockery, not only in the United States, but worldwide.
Any normal wife, son and or sister would have tried to bring the poor man to his senses. They could sit with him and nice and softly have a conversation with him and explain: “Honey, you already tried three times, you are not mentally stable to run this country, the American people don’t deserve to be lied to.”
Everybody knew that the minute he had chosen an opportunist such as Kamala Harris, well known as a user and abuser of older men for personal gain, as his running mate, it was a knife in the back of all and every one of the citizens of this country.
Every running president in years past has made public appearances with their running mate. Even Hillary Clinton appeared in public with her running mate, the US Senator from Virginia, Tim Kaine, in tow. A man who proudly told whoever wanted to hear, and by his own account, that his son is an Antifa member.
Kamala Harris is the only vice president nominee that has been missing in action since she was nominated as such. We all know this is a double standard; in her little mind she already considers herself the next president of this great nation. Of course, that Nancy Pelosi is hidden behind the scenes believing that she will remain in the spotlight next to Harris, ignoring the fact that Barack Obama is very close because he is waiting in the shadows—waiting to be the dictator and oppressor in charge of the American people.
Joe Bidden is senile, mentally incapable of being anything, not even dog catcher, let alone president. It was not a slip of the tongue when on two different occasions Kamala Harris made herself known as the presidential candidate by saying “the Harris administration,” trying to correct herself too late by adding “with Joe Biden.”
If Dr. Jill Biden dreams of herself as the First Lady of this nation, she needs to get ready for a big awakening. If Kamala Harris is not put under control as soon as possible, Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, will be the first husband.
It is sad, very sad that this election is based on nothing but hate, hate against everybody and everything. That hate has been extended to individual states and expressed by several government officials.
We don’t need to go that far; let’s take as an example Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak. His hate for President Donald Trump is so deep that he is willing to destroy the lives of the citizens of the state he is supposed to protect by all means.
Sisolak has made every possible move to put the lives of Nevadans in danger, especially during the Coronavirus when he ordered businesses closed, denying workers of pandemic unemployment assistance, with the only intention of destroying the economy just to hurt the reelection campaign of President Donald Trump. People are losing their homes; families with small children are hitting the streets of many cities, especially Las Vegas, homeless and without any recourse or any place to go.
Thousands are leaving the State of Nevada to get shelter in other states with family members, and/or hoping to find employment someplace else.
Nevada is in shambles because Governor Sisolak wants to blame President Trump for the poor economy of our once rich Silver State.
Governor Sisolak, with his mind set on prolonging his hate for President Trump, has done every possible thing to control the Department of Employment, even to putting a new director in place who
will follow his evil orders.
That new director, Elisa Cafferata, should be ashamed of herself. She happens to be the granddaughter of the woman of firsts — Barbara Vucanovich, the first Nevada woman who served tirelessly for the people of Nevada in the House of Representatives. Yes, Barbara Vucanovich was a Republican but she was also clear, pragmatic and straightforward and worked to find common-sense solutions to problems for all Nevadans without thinking of people’s ideology.
One thing Governor Sisolak is forgetting — every year has a November and hundreds of those people he has forced to become homeless, plus several other hundreds forced to leave the state, will be coming back with a new year and a new November.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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