Media don’t attack Trump court picks, Democrats do, But the media still spew poison

Obama suck up to the dirty boots of Fidel Castro. Is that what we want our leaders to be?
By Alexandra Cohen
De Oro Media Group

President Obama bows to Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro; is that what we want for President? A Democrat President that bow to communists?

On the Fox News Sunday Show “Media Buzz,” the headline read during the entire show that Media Attack Trump Court Pick, but that is misleading the viewers; the media don’t attack the president’s choice for the Supreme Court — the Democrats do.
Nothing is new about that because everything President Trump does or says is reason for criticism by the Communist Media of the United States.
We are not exaggerating by stating that everything President Trump does or says is a reason for criticism by the Communist Media of the United States (CMOTUS). How is it that not one single member of the CMOTUS criticized former President Barack Obama when he went to Communist Cuba and bowed to the criminal dictator and murderer of many, Fidel Castro, displaying a despicable act of humiliation while representing the most powerful country in the world?
That should not be a surprise to anyone; look back at American history in 1958 when a Democratic government in Cuba came to its allies to buy ammunition and arms to fight the revolts led by Fidel Castro. The U.S. government sold the arms to its Cuban ally and later confiscated the sale and gave it to the Castro outlaws by the Guantanamo Base, the same Guantanamo base that Castro later tried to take from the Americans.
In 1961, after promising the members of the Bay of Pigs Brigade 2506 air protection and help to throw out the already communist government of Cuba, they later neglected to fulfill that promise and thousands of Cubans in the Brigade plus many leaving the island were arrested and more lost their lives.
Historically, the United States of America’s Congress has been known as a “pink” if not red Congress because of their actions against democracy.
It also happened in Venezuela when they helped to demolish the Democratic government of General Marcos Perez Jimenez in order to seat a communist card-holder, Romulo Betancourt; later the administration of President Kennedy arrested Perez Jimenez in Miami where he resided and sent him back to Venezuela risking the possibility that he could have been killed there. Perez Jimenez arrived in Venezuela and to his surprise, the masses at the airport were asking him for forgiveness and welcoming him back to the land of Bolivar.
Lucky for all, the American people are wising up and ignoring to a major degree the brainwashing efforts that those members of the Communist Media of the United States (CMOTUS) are working into their newscasts, which have already colored their editorials, commentaries and personal opinions.
There is no more news; the CMOTUS has made sure that they are creating the news and not reporting the news. Most of the news programs and newscasts have become conveyors of the doctrines of the communist system the media is trying to force upon the American people.
However, the American people have become wiser and are not allowing the Communist Media to brainwash them and they are now turning to social media and websites to become more informed and become free of the Communist Media tentacles, making up their own minds and coming to their own conclusions, ignoring the lies of the CMOTUS.
President Trump never stated that if he loses the November election he would not turn over the administration to the communists, but the anti-Trump media was trying to make the American people believe that lie; it did not work.

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