Amy Coney Barrett nominated and Democrats literally lose their minds

By Michelle Mortensen

Judge Amy Coney Barrett was nominated to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat.

The minute Judge Amy Coney Barrett was nominated to fill the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat, Democrats literally lost their minds.
Chuck Schumer immediately started raising money over the nomination claiming the Republicans are implying that Coney Barrett is the devil in human form. They assume they know how she will rule on everything and claim she would overturn women’s rights and equality, and destroy healthcare. However, haven’t we been very surprised at the way conservative justices have ruled in the past on conservative issues?
Chief Justice Roberts has often ruled with the left when it came to ACA and most recently in a ruling over religious freedom where he ruled against churches being allowed to meet in Nevada during COVID-19 while casinos, big box stores and such have more than 50 people in a building 24 hours a day.
We don’t even know how a justice will rule on an issue. Judges interpret the law using the Constitution as their guide. While they may have conservative or liberal beliefs, a judge is supposed to set those beliefs aside and just allow the Constitution to be their guide. Isn’t that what we want in justices?
It’s certainly what Judge Coney Barrett believes. She said the following in 2016 at Jacksonville University’s Public Policy Institute: “We shouldn’t be putting people on the court that share our policy preferences. We should be putting people on the court who want to apply the Constitution.”
When looking at Judge Coney Barrett’s past opinions and rulings, she appears to be the epitome of a fair, constitutional judge. Even Democrats admit she is very fair.
A Bloomberg columnist, Noah Feldman, wrote a piece on Saturday stating the following: “Amy Coney Barrett deserves to be on the Supreme Court. I disagree with Trump’s judicial nominee on almost everything. But I still think she’s brilliant.”
Notre Dame law professor Mark McKenna, who doesn’t think Trump should even be able to fill this seat in the middle of an election and doesn’t agree with his former colleague Barrett on much, also hails her as brilliant, decent and operating in good faith. He also admits that the religious attacks lobbed at her are quote “both gross and totally politically misguided.”
That is not only a true statement, but I’d call it an understatement.
Did you know Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a practicing Jew?
Did you know Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is a practicing Catholic?
Did you know Joe Biden is Catholic?
Did you know Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is Catholic?
Did you know Congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar is Muslim?
Does anyone ever bring up their faith and their fitness to govern? No!!!
In fact, CNN praised Biden for being Catholic. No one ever said boo about Justice Sotomayor being Catholic when she was nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court.
So, if everyone pretty much agrees Judge Coney Barret is a great nominee who deserves to be on the Supreme Court, why have the media, celebrities and Democrats like Senator Schumer responded in such a repugnant way toward this nomination? Because they are bitter. They are very, very bitter.
These people still haven’t gotten over the fact that they lost the election in 2016. They are even angrier that Republicans kept the
majority of the Senate in 2018. They’ve lost twice now on a national level and they just can’t stand it. They feel like they deserve to be in total control and that they should silence and destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them. That’s the tolerant left for you, hypocritical as the day is long. I mean just look at these ridiculous tweets from brain dead celebrities about the Coney Barrett nomination.
I am so glad we know what B-list celebrities who can’t get work and are no longer relevant think. Man, I don’t know how I made it all these years without tweets informing me what to think from “Sam” on “Who’s the Boss?” These tweets are a temper tantrum and nothing more.
Even more concerning is Democrats response to the SCOTUS nomination being a stupid part of our Constitution. Check out what Laurence Tribe, Harvard Law Professor Emeritus, said Sunday on Fox News.
When guest host Brit Hume asked Tribe as a constitutional lawyer if he saw any constitutional reason why the President wouldn’t nominate a justice and why the Senate wouldn’t confirm the nominee, he said the following: “Oh, I’m not suggesting it’s unconstitutional to go ahead. It’s perfectly constitutional. But a lot of things that are constitutional are stupid. This is not a good idea.”
What in holy heck did he just say????
 Isn’t it a problem when a constitutional lawyer thinks the very Constitution is full of stupid stuff? It is for me. It should be for all Americans because the Constitution gives you the freedom of speech and freedom of the press; it gives women the right to vote, it provides for due process, it ensures your right to a trial, it abolished slavery, it limits a president to two terms, it guarantees freedom of religion and the right for you to assemble and protest.
I mean, I’m not a constitutional lawyer but I’m not stupid enough to say the Constitution is full of stupid stuff. Every American should be ashamed of Tribe. Every American should be outraged at the brazen audacity of every Democrat acting like a fool right now over this nomination. Their ego, their ridiculousness may very well cost them everything they so crave — power.
I am a firm believer that President Trump will be winning re-election. I am a firm believer we won’t lose the senate. Heck, I even see a pathway to win the House back, though I can’t say with confidence that will happen. I don’t see things changing in 2021. The one thing I do see happening is the liberals’ toddler temper tantrum reaching new heights. I expect a tumultuous 2021 in our future, but I also see it as a year with the amazing Amy Coney Barret as a Supreme Court Justice.
* * * * *
Michelle Mortensen is an 8-time Emmy award-winning journalist, the host of “The Michelle Mortensen Show” and a former conservative political candidate. Michelle holds two degrees from Southern Methodist University and is the founder and chairman of the Building A Better Nevada PAC.

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