Is hate for Trump the reason for your Biden vote?

Again we remind the American people to remember a phrase made famous by Democratic President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”
And even if the phrase was made famous by a Democratic president, we bring it to light because this is the time we need to learn what we can do for our country; this is not the time we need to ask the government to do anything for us.
We need help, we need to find a way to save our country from the communist mentality that the Democrats are trying to inflict upon us.
The people of this nation need to know that communism is not what they say it is; it is not the pretty words written in the Communist Manifesto; they are liars, they are sneaky, they are not above doing anything anti-American.
The communists are trying to destroy the America we learned to love because America gives everyone the opportunity to be someone without exception and without ties or expecting anything in return.
But the communists do not think like Americans do; communist don’t ask, they take and give nothing in return; they envy us and pretend they like us, but they hate us and want to swallow us alive.
Living under a communist system people do not have the opportunity to think on their own, they do not have the opportunity to make money and spend it as they wish; the money belongs to the government and the people belong to the government.
Cuba was a very prosperous and beautiful country, independent and even richer than this country was, being the envy of many other countries.
Before the communist regime took over Cuba, the Cuban “dollar” was worth two pennies more than the American dollar. Venezuela was a beautiful and very rich country until the communists took it over and destroyed it forever.
Now these two countries under the dictatorial communist regime are starving and their freedoms no longer exist.
The people are hungry and the shelves in the stores are empty; anyone that wants to eat halfway decent meals needs to buy on the Black market and take the risk of getting caught and ending up in a communist prison for a very long time.
If communism is so great, why do they have to resort to violence to make their point? If the communists are so good, why do they need to attack and destroy private property and government buildings in the middle of the night?
If the communists are so benevolent and generous, why do they have to lie and pretend to be what they are not? Michael Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York who ran for president in 2016 and lost to Trump vows to spend millions in Florida to help Joe Biden defeat President Donald Trump.
Is that the only reason he is donating 100 million dollars to the Joe Biden campaign?
Not because he is a Democrat, not because he likes Catholics, not because he likes people who are sometimes more than a bit confused, but because he is running against President Donald Trump. That’s the whole of it.
In the crucial battleground, this would allow Democrats to divert money to Pennsylvania and other must-win states not to better the country, but to defeat Donald Trump, making it an “anything goes” kind of behavior in the eyes of the American voters. Imagine if all billionaires got together to gain the candidates of their choice just by throwing their money in the ring!
Bloomberg’s money will be spent on voter-turnout efforts, and communicating with Hispanic voters will be a key part of that strategy, a Bloomberg spokesperson said.
He also will spend 16 million on bails for people that are incarcerated in Florida so they can vote there, but the problem is that it is illegal to buy votes in any way, shape, or form, be it exchanging cash money for votes or being remunerated in any way for a vote.
Just days after Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, won a court victory to keep felons from voting until they have paid off their fines, restitutions, and court fees, the billionaire Mayor of New York has stepped in to help them pay off their debts.
Bloomberg, the former Democratic presidential candidate has helped raise more than 20 million dollars so he can buy the votes of felons who completed their prison sentences.
Bloomberg has pledged one hundred million dollars to help Joe Biden win the state of Florida in violation of federal law and election laws.
What we need to ask, or even more important, what those involved need to ask themself, is this: is the hate that anyone has for Donald Trump so intense that they need to risk their freedom or jeopardize their reputation to take Donald Trump out of office?

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