Governor Sisolak is bankrupting Nevada

Democrat Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak keeps ignoring the reality of the situation.

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Democrat Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak keeps
ignoring the reality of the situation.

Nevadans are out of work, many losing their homes and others are already homeless, but Democrat Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak keeps ignoring the reality of the situation.
The governor is so concerned about President Trump visiting Nevada, he is placing punishments on a Las Vegas businessman for renting space for the Republicans to meet, and takes the money that belongs to a Nevada County for allowing the party of the president to meet in their venues, bringing business and revenue to that area for not following the Coronavirus directive imposed by him and his administration. Yet he keeps his mouth shut when protesters with no masks, not following directives, shooting police officers, destroying private property, and increasing the homeless population is defecating, peeing and taking over private property that has been forced to close for lack of business in the County of Clark.
Clark County, a thirty-year Democratic-controlled board that was under Governor Sisolak’s presumed leadership is not doing anything to improve the situation and the economy, perhaps instructed by the governor to place Southern Nevada in bad shape until after the November 3rd election to blame President Trump for the disastrous situation that locals are facing.
The out-of-state call center hand-picked by the governor to handle the Department of Employment, Rehabilitation and Training, AKA DERT, is either an incompetent business or it follows orders from the governor for not processing the checks that the people of Nevada are so desperately waiting for.
It is unknown if the out-of-state call center is connected to the governor in any way or shape, but its service is supposed to be valued at the astronomical amount of five million dollars.
While all this is happening with the economy of the state the governor is using his power to scare people that are supporters of the administration or sympathizers of the Republican duly elected president that is running for reelection.
Last week, during a campaign event while visiting Nevada, the president claimed that Sisolak called different venues to prevent the rally from taking place. “Here’s a guy calling venues telling them not to have the rally,” the president said.
A spokesperson for the governor said they did not have communication with campaign organizers, but the event did violate public health guidelines limiting gatherings to no more than 50 people.
The host of President Trump’s indoor campaign rally in Nevada on Sunday has been fined $3,000 for defying state guidelines prohibiting large gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic.
In his last week’s Las Vegas Tribune front page article Wayne Allyn Roots stated it crystal clear, “Our governor demanded President Trump cancel his political rally for this weekend, but never said a word as thousands of often violent Black Lives Matter protestors caused mayhem on the Vegas Strip 20 nights in a row. COVID-19 must only be spread by
If Governor Steve Sisolak would have imposed and exercised his directive equally, perhaps Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Shay Mikalonis would not be lying prostrate in a hospital bed because an animal like Edgar Samaniego, one of those “peaceful protesters,” would not have shot him.
Samaniego may have been protected by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Detective David Meyers who believed that “criminals have rights too”; but if Samaniego would have been arrested or prosecuted for previous crimes, he would not have been “available” to shoot Officer Mikalonis because he would have been behind bars awaiting his court date.
In the September 16, 2020 Las Vegas Tribune editorial the newspaper stated that “Instead of being so concerned about how many people attend President Trump’s political events, Governor Sisolak should take time to assure the people of Nevada, regardless of their political affiliation, that he cares for all the citizens he is supposed to represent.”
And that includes making sure that the checks that everyone is waiting for are payable to every citizen, not to the Governor.

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