Cox Communication takes jobs out of the country

By Alexandra Cohen
De Oro Media Group
The telephone number has a 702 area code but the person at the other end of the line was in Colombia, South America. Yes, you read it right, the man at the other end of the line said he was in Colombia, South America.
It is bad enough that people living in Las Vegas have to pay their business licenses to a California call center, the traffic tickets have to be paid outside the state of Nevada, and the daily newspaper, the alleged “local newspaper,” contracted a call center in Arizona, but hiring a call center out of the country is a little too much and too incredible.
Democrat Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has most of the Nevada residents almost starving to death with one foot in their homes and the other outside the place they have kept and maintained for years, almost homeless, because the unemployment check has been held hostage by Governor Sisolak’s hand-picked call center outside the state of Nevada.
Cox Communication has offices all over the United States and hires people in those cities and that is the normal and right thing to do; then why do they go to Colombia and other Latin American countries, people wonder, and there is a very anti-American reason for that: it is called greed.
In Colombia, Mexico, the Philippines, and the Dominican Republic they pay minimum wages that are lower than the minimum wage rate here in the good old United States.
Business wise it may be a very smart move, but maybe now is not the right time to do the right thing for the stockholders; it is the right time to do the right thing for the American people and the nation they supposedly call home.
A call made to Cox Communications in an effort to speak to someone in the corporate office for this article was answered in Wichita, Kansas
despite the fact that the call was made to a 702 area code and we erroneously assumed it was a Nevada, Clark County, Las Vegas telephone number. The lady who answered the telephone number “from her home” gave us a number for Cox Media (1-855- 755-2691), but after punching the number for twenty minutes and being on hold for another forty minutes we were forced to hang up the phone.
Our Nevada Governor needs to man up and stop playing politics; after all, he already won the election and is seated in the Nevada governor’s mansion and needs to start serving the people of Nevada, both those who voted for him and those who did not because he was elected to serve Nevadans regardless of party affiliation, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, economical status or any other affiliation.
The people of Nevada believe that they are living in a free and democratic state, that they have the right to vote for whomever they want, and the right to support the candidate they like, and the right to a mind of their own without being retaliated against by a governor who is under the impression that he is a dictator.
Governor Sisolak should come down from the clouds and start being a governor; he needs to start talking to Cox Communication, the City of
Las Vegas and the daily newspaper to bring their call centers to Las Vegas.
Actually Governor Sisolak must talk to himself to bring his own call center back to Las Vegas and start paying the people of Nevada what is
rightfully theirs.
Governor Sisolak should teach his call center to respect the people they work for, the people of Nevada.
There is a story of a long time resident of Las Vegas who wrote to the Department of Employment, Rehabilitation and Training, AKA DERT, with a green card called Domestic Return Receipt, which cost him lots of money. The card requested a signature from the person who received the letter but the DERT employee refused to sign the card.
Two weeks later, the Las Vegas resident sent another letter to the Department of Employment, Rehabilitation and Training, AKA DERT, requesting that the Domestic Return Receipt card be signed, but we learned that the card was never returned, neither signed nor unsigned.
The behavior of the employees at the Department of Employment, Rehabilitation and Training is despicable, unprofessional and may even be considered disrespectful and inhuman to a citizen of the United States.
The name of the letter sender is at the office of the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper for verification with other media outlets, but is not being made public because the Las Vegas resident is terrified of retaliation against him and his family.
He claims to have known the Nevada Governor way before he was Regent, a county commissioner and now governor and he is aware how brutally vindictive he can be.
The Las Vegas Tribune reminds the man how religious the Governor is and how he used to attend religious services on a regular basis, but the man now claims “that is all a lie to impress people.”

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