CBS and journalists’ behavior questionable

By Alexandra Cohen
De Oro Media Group
For a very long time we have used the Las Vegas Tribune as a forum to alert the nation to the damage many Americans are suffering at the hands of so-called “professional journalists” who sold out to those looking to turn the United States of America into another Cuba or Venezuela.
The communist media in the United States does not use the word communism because they know that will scare many Americans, so they use socialism to confuse their victims — the Americans and many others that have come to this nation running away from communism in their own country.
The public needs to know that socialism is only the beginning of a communist system, the most horrific system there is. Even the mainstream media outlet CBS has admitted on their own website about the advance of the communist party in America.
“Socialism has gone mainstream in American politics, but it remains deeply controversial. While some believe it offers an appealing solution to the country’s woes, for others it conjures up fearful imagery of authoritarian regimes,” was written on the webpage of CBS Network.
The new CBSN Originals documentary, “Speaking Frankly | Socialism,” explores the resurgent interest in socialism and the culture wars surrounding its role in America today.
Last Tuesday an effort to keep America blind took place on the powerful CBS network when Anthony Mason pretended to interview Texas
Senator Ted Cruz, yet when he did not like the answers to his questions, he abruptly interrupted the Senator and took him off the air in an untimely fashion.
In today’s media if the show host, reporters and others in front of and behind the cameras do not have the communist mentality, they are not able to advance in their careers, and Mason’s effort to make Senator Cruz look unprepared for the interview and as a person, a politician and an elected official representing the state of Texas was a good example of that.
The lack of local news in the county of Clark is vivid proof how the media is controlled and brainwashed by the local elected officials. The local television news during the early morning hours is enough to shame any journalist; and the local newspaper, the only voice that the community supposedly has, prints twelve pages of national news on any given day and one single sheet of local news with two to four articles on the local front page with syndicated variety articles in the rest of section B, including the business section.
The communist media in the nation is on the move to keep the public confused and misinformed to gain control of their opinions and mentality; in other words, to keep them brainwashed.
The owner of the daily newspaper allegedly is a Republican, a high-end donor to the party and supposedly on good terms with President Trump, but the writing of some of his staff writers make people wonder.
With friends like those, who needs enemies? On Sunday, September 13, on the front page of the ten-page local section, an article authored by one Bill Denzer from the newspaper’s capital bureau used innuendos and so much sarcastic writing it leaves one wondering what side the
newspaper is on, politically speaking.
Of course, a lot has to do with the arrogance of the editor. The Las Vegas Tribune placed a call to Editor Glen Cook on Monday, September 14th, to find out whatever happened to the local section on the first Monday they decided to short their readers of the two or three articles on the alleged “Nevada and the West” section, but the newspaper is still waiting for a courtesy call back. Later on, in very tiny letters, the newspaper announced that there will not be a “Nevada and the West” section on Mondays, using the same small six point letters they used on Sunday, September 6th, to announce that there will no longer be the Parade Magazine.
At press time on Tuesday, September 22, we were not able to confirm how many people read the day and the date of the newspaper to read such a notification as to what sections they are cutting down and if the decision is based on economic or political reasons.
This is a time when the country is in serious danger and the media in general — newspapers, radio and television, online or on the web — need to define them; they are either with America or against America, but this is not the time to be in the middle and the media is a very important tool in that regard.
EDITOR’S NOTE: For the record, the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper is not a fan of Senator Ted Cruz, not because we find him incapable of doing the best job on behalf of the American people, but because of his father’s long intimate friendship with Fidel Castro.
The Las Vegas Tribune is owned and operated by a Cuban family that has indirectly suffered from the communist regime in their own skin and directly suffered the economic disaster at the hands of the communists under Fidel Castro, his family and his totalitarian regime.
The Las Vegas Tribune admires and respects the qualifications of Senator Ted Cruz, but in good faith the newspaper is skeptical of his family’s previous relationship with the Castro regime.
The newspaper believes that communism is the enemy of democracy and a person is either with democracy or against it but cannot be down the middle on it.
The Las Vegas Tribune believes that communism is the enemy of democracy, the enemy of capitalism, and the enemy of freedom, and it can never be a friend of this newspaper.

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