We need a Governor who cares about the people of his state

A mad Governor Steve Sisolak
Governor Steve Sisolak is abusing his power and it is out of control

We are going to get straight to the point; no ifs, ands, or buts about it because that is not our style. Governor Steve Sisolak is abusing his power and it is out of control; he’s playing politics from the governor’s mansion.
Governor Sisolak needs to look at the situation with the call center that is holding the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, AKA DETR that has thousands of Nevada residents waiting for their hard-deserved money so they can pay their rent and feed their family, instead of looking for issues to attack the president’s political activities.
It’s not only for housing and food, but also many people have a difficult time paying their utility bills despite the fact that Nevada Power has been more than patient collecting what is their due.
Many Nevada residents have already joined the large Nevada homelessness population because the Governor has the bright idea of going out of the state of Nevada to contract a useless and inept call center for five million dollars, which is holding the claims of thousands of Nevadans.
It may be interesting to learn how much of a kickback Governor Sisolak, or someone else on his behalf, is getting from that out-of-town call center.
It is our understanding that previously, before becoming a politician, Governor Sisolak was in the call center business so he must know some of the local call center operators, making us wonder why going out of state to hire a call center is the governor’s way of conducting state business.
It is bad enough that we have the city of Las Vegas giving city business to out-of-state call centers to pay for business licenses and traffic tickets, now we have a governor giving Nevada business to an out-of-state call center and we echo the “why?” of many Nevada residents.
It is bad enough that local utility companies like Cox Communications are utilizing the services of out-of-the-country (Colombia, South America, etc.) call centers while the unemployment line is still long in our city, all the while the daily newspaper is using an out-of-state call center in Phoenix, Arizona to collect its subscription dues.
While Nevadans are going homeless and hungry because the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation, AKA DETR, is holding Nevadans’ money at out-of-the-state call centers, the governor is not only breaking his own directive by going out to eat with family and friends, but also muscles in with his power to interfere with the president’s friends and supporters’ events.
Governor Sisolak is not honest enough to do the muscleing himself but cowardly uses the office of his peons in different municipalities to do his dirty work, either because they are afraid of the governor’s retaliation or because they are of the same communistic mentality as the governor.
Governor Steve Sisolak should come down from the clouds and not believe all the titles many have added to his title of governor; he is not a king and he is not a dictator…as yet.
Governor Sisolak was, perhaps erroneously, elected to serve the people of Nevada and not to benefit his own coffers and prosperity.
It is hard to believe that such a religious man became so insensitive and cold-blooded as to the feelings and needs of the people of the state of Nevada, many of whom may have voted for him.
If Governor Steve Sisolak would have imposed and exercised his Directive equally, perhaps Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Officer Shay Mikalonis would not be lying prostrate in a hospital bed because a criminal like Edgar Samaniego, one of those “peaceful protesters” would not have shot him.
Samaniego was protected by Detective David Meyers who believed that “criminals have rights too”; but if he had been arrested or prosecuted for previous crimes, he would not have been “available” to shoot Officer Mikalonis because he would have been behind bars awaiting his court date.
If Governor Steve Sisolak would have imposed and exercised his Directive equally perhaps Las Vegas Metropolitan Police would not be the victim of a lawsuit by the family of a man who was one of those “peaceful protesters” in front of the Federal Courthouse, loaded with all types of guns openly displayed on his body.
Instead of being so concerned about how many people attend President Trump’s political events, Governor Sisolak should take time to assure the people of Nevada, regardless of their political affiliation, that he cares for all the citizens he is supposed to represent.
We are lucky to have a very professional police department and we should be thankful for that, but the governor should not tie the hands of our police force by intimidating and controlling the police administration. And Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who is always trying to please the governor, does not help this city because he does not allow his men and women to do their jobs.

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