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Marinka from Havana to Burlesque

My Point of View/By Rolando Larraz
On the first page of her new book, “Marinka from Havana to Burlesque,” Marinka Melanie Hunter wrote something that I have said many times and also Florida businessman Maximo Alvarez stated in his speech during the Republican National Convention:

Marinka, from Havana to Burlesque

“When the communist party came to power, Havana’s music, nightlife, culture and entertainment no longer existed and democracy was gone. In its place was a military state, where every human right was being violated. Life was cheap. The sound of firing squads could be heard day and night. All the cadets of the military city, Columbia, were killed and replaced with men with long hair ready to kill in the name of ‘The Revolution.’ It was common practice to round up anyone suspected of being a Batista sympathizer and send them to the firing squad.”
“It was common practice to round up anyone suspected of being a Batista sympathizer and send them to the firing squad.”

That is the truth, nothing but the truth. It was not people that work for the government, it was not people that were connected in one way or another with the government; it was people that sympathized with the previous president, Fulgencio Batista, and that is exactly what is going to happen in the United States of America if the communists take over this great nation; that is what we have been telling the American people is going to happen to them if they keep believing the lies that the communists repeat every day every time they open their big mouths.
It is very impressive to see a female dancer making statements like that after sixty-one years when the youth were not that involved in political or social issues to have the common sense to see the political scene as an adult.
Today it is a little different; women are more involved in the political and business world than they used to be sixty years ago; they are even more intelligent than their male counterparts.
We, at the Las Vegas Tribune, are working hard to open the eyes of those Black billionaire sports players that are taking part in the political scene of the country when they don’t even have an idea or any knowledge of what they are doing; most of them became famous not because they are that good of a player, but because they are tall, good looking, eccentric and Black; especially Black because Black is the race that is more popular and in style nowadays.
If the communists take over this nation, their millions are not going to last very long; the government will take their money, and if they protest or complain they will end up in prison or dead. The first thing communists would do is to confiscate the bank accounts, and then their homes and luxury cars. I am not bluffing, I am not blowing smoke, I am speaking from experience.
Those famous Black or White entertainers (either ones) need to concentrate on their work and stay out of politics because they are being used and manipulated by the communist groups that are working on taking over the country and it is sad to see their little talent being wasted or used on political issues.
There are now less than sixty days to election day and in those sixty days the future of this country stands at risk if the public, the regular voters, and those who legitimately care for the future of their country do not pay attention to what the communists are working on to destroy what we all have accomplished in our lives.
The communists are users, they are insensitive, they are inhuman and say and do what they need to say and do to win the power and to control the world as they want and choose.
The communists do not allow wealth and power; only their own little clique is allowed to have wealth and be the only ones in power and nothing is going to change them; that is the way their system works.
Hopefully after November 3rd we will not have to remind the American voters that “we told you so” because they chose and elected the wrong political party and the wrong leader.
A question we ask all the time is, if this country is so bad, why is it that so many people from so many countries want to come here?
Every country, including the country that they are coming from, has a border; every country has laws that are there to follow and obey. Why do they want to come here and take our border down and then not even follow our laws? Why don’t they stay in their own country and take their own border down and dismiss their own laws?
An even better question is why do they want to come here and destroy our beautiful country? The American voter needs to be more selective in who they vote for, including voting to eliminate the longevity of those serving in both
houses of Congress of this wonderful nation; then, once again, we will have a country that has been the envy of the world.
In order to obtain all that, we need to make sure that the communists do not take over our United States of America.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: Rlarraz@lasvegastribune.com or at 702-272-4634.

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