Nevada Governor should do the right thing — RESIGN!

A mad Governor Steve Sisolak
Governor Steve Sisolak

We do not believe in recalls of public officials; it is our opinion that the recalls take too much time, cost too much money, and most of the time there are not enough signatures to make the recall successful.
Most people that start a recall do it just because they are looking to create a name for themselves, because they are new in the community and they want to be known, and in many instances they do not even care for our state, county, or city.
We believe that in most cases it is more effective to find a good candidate to run in the next election for the position of the inept elected official rather than try for the recall.
Take for example, the governor of the State of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, who has displayed a great deal of ineptness and a lack of interest in helping the people of Nevada, but not for helping those who voted for him.
Governor Steve Sisolak is more interested in playing politics and using his time to attack and disrespect the duly elected president of this country for personal reasons or for party or political dislike instead of doing the right thing for the people of the State of Nevada.
Governor Steve Sisolak allows the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles to run with incompetent employees and as a low class institution where the employees believe and act as though they are doing the public a favor by giving them any service at all.
Governor Steve Sisolak allows his office to be unfair and arrogant by discriminating against this newspaper by not having it on their media list so we can receive press releases and be informed of the press conferences to “please” the Clark County Sheriff, who is the number one antagonistic person and institution against the Las Vegas Tribune just because we did not take orders from him and support him in his election when we did not believe that he was capable of running the department as it should be run.
However, it does not matter to us if the governor and the sheriff conspire with each other to attack us and make our job more interesting by making us more aware of their wrongdoing because we can do our job well with or without them.
The same as we can do our job well without the District Attorney, Steve Wolfson, allowing us the opportunity to ask questions for articles we are writing and to clear up suspicions of abuse of power by his office.
We are here to protect the community from police and judicial abuse, and that includes from the office of the District Attorney.
All of them make the mistake of believing that the public is not intelligent enough to know when they are lying and when they are conspiring to commit the crimes they commit.
But that story is for one or more articles in upcoming editions of the Las Vegas Tribune; but now, back to Governor Steve Sisolak.
Governor Steve Sisolak’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) is an insult to the intelligence of any human being and a display of abuse of power ignoring the needs of those waiting for their benefits.
Governor Steve Sisolak’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) workers are a bunch of insensitive and disrespectful people who believe that they are above the law and have
no consideration for the well-being of the community.
Governor Steve Sisolak’s Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) workers need to man up and face the reality that they are incompetent and insensitive and do not care for anyone but themselves, besides being cowards that hide behind the Nevada flag and symbol.
A resident that’s been waiting five months for a check wrote a certified letter to the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) with a return card that was supposed to be signed by the employee who received that letter, but not one employee there was respectful enough to sign the card, proving that the letter was delivered by the postman.
No one answers the telephone at the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) because they know that they cannot answer any questions; so they simply are not doing their job.
This is to mention just a few of the errors that Governor Steve Sisolak has committed; we couldn’t care less where Governor Steve Sisolak eats, but we do care that many Nevada residents have no money to feed themselves; or even worse, have no money to feed their children.
We do not want to start a recall on Governor Steve Sisolak, but we do believe that if Governor Steve Sisolak is not man enough to make these employees at the Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation (DETR) call center answer their telephone lines and is not capable of getting back some of the money from the five million he gave to that call center in California, Governor Steve Sisolak should definitely resign.

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