A trip to the DMV is called a nightmare

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
A woman had an appointment at the Sahara office of the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles for 1:00 p.m. and two and a half hours later she was still seated, waiting to be called, and asking herself,
What’s the point of making an appointment? She had to suffer the welcome at the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles by a group of men and women that looked more like bouncers at the front door of a sleazy nightclub than security guards at a government entity, and then she saw those same government employees walking around like they owned the place and time was not important at all to them, while to those waiting it was like asking the right foot permission to move the left foot.
Then that lady was called to the window and a very helpful young woman welcomed her to the best of her ability until the money part came.
The lady had an appointment to get her car registered, unlike many Californians who move here and work here with the former state license plate (with the apparent blessing of the government), and was told that there would not be any penalty due to the office of the Nevada DMV being closed to the public.
At the end they gave her her new plate and said there would be a credit for the old plate, but charged her a penalty for being late, despite the fact that the Nevada DMV made the appointment twenty days late and it was not her fault.
The official letter informing the lady of the day and time of her appointment also specified that there would not be any late charges for the twenty days delay, but the computer at the office of the Nevada DMV said otherwise and the faithful young lady at the counter had no choice but to charge the late fees and the greedy computer never applied the credit for the old plates as they were going to do.
The employees at the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles should know that they are not better than those unfortunate people who are forced to visit that office, and their arrogant attitude is not due to the coronavirus; it is the way they are all year ‘round.

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