Dems continue their false narrative

By Alexandra Cohen
De Oro Media Group
There is no doubt that the communist-Democrats trying to take over the future of this country are playing games with the minority groups — Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, the Irish, and any other minority group.
First of all, it is important to know what should be classified as a minority — is it one’s color? one’s sex? one’s immigration status? — because every group in this country may be considered a minority. As far back as anyone can remember, the population of the United States has been made up of immigrants. Italians, Jews, Germans, Irish, and Spaniards all immigrated to what they called “America” looking for a “better future” and once here, they believed and acted as if they were better than the others who came after them, whether they were Blacks, Mexicans, Cubans, Central and South Americans, Brazilians or any other race or nationality whom the earlier immigrants now call “minorities” without realizing they are as much a minority as anyone else behind them.
Schools used to teach us that there are four races: Indians (red), Anglos (white), Africans (black) and Asians (yellow), but all of a sudden the Democrats came out with the brown race when referring to Hispanics, Latinos, and Spanish — or those using any other designation to refer to themselves as being part of that brown race.
It is time to start looking at the Human race; it is time to learn that the race issue was created by politicians and the media to further the fiasco that they want and need to control.
Every election time, career politicians run around looking for groups to support them; they take pictures with little Black kids and little Hispanic babies. Every election time candidates run after specific groups pretending to be supporters of those groups or people expecting those people to vote for them even if they have no access to the voting system of the country because of their immigration status, and more importantly, to ask for donations to their campaigns.
They fill up voicemails and emails with questionnaires, asking for opinions on important issues, but at the end, they always ask for a donation; yet if the donate button is not pushed, one cannot continue, meaning that if one does not donate they could care less about your opinion, ideas or suggestions.
It is all about money with the politicians’ advisers, campaign managers, and campaign workers, and the people, regardless of color, sexual preference, nationality or immigrant status, no longer matter in this new political atmosphere. Candidates think that they can use the media as a tool, but in reality it is the media who uses them for their own benefit.
There is no more reporting; it is all opinions, editorials, and commentaries — honest and straightforward news no longer exists; whoever spends more money gets on the good side of the media and the more money is spent, the bigger the endorsement is and the less coverage the opposing candidate gets.
American people need to open their eyes and think about what the late Democrat President John F. Kennedy once said that became historical: “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country,” challenging every American to contribute in some way to the public good.
Do not vote for someone that is your friend if that friend does not have what it takes to be elected to that position; do not vote for that candidate because he allows you to take a picture with him or her; do not vote for a candidate because he or she remembers your name and makes you feel important in front of your neighbor, your friend or a co-worker; vote for a candidate that is going to be the most efficient and the most productive for your community, your city or the nation.
In other words, do not let the professional candidates, the career politicians, use you and play with your future, the future of your family, including the future of your children.

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