Common decency in the courtroom

Clark County Probate Hearing Master, Wesley Yamashita,

By Perly Viasmensky

Clark County Probate Hearing Master, Wesley Yamashita,

The worst thing that could happen to anyone living in Clark County, Nevada is to encounter insensitive people such as the Public Administrator and the Probate Commissioner.
Siblings conspire to destroy the life of a third one just for greed, excessive selfishness and excessive desire for more money than is needed, which is the result of ignorance, lack of wisdom, lack of kindness and love. Insecurity, anxiety, a tendency to betray or harm others, overconfidence, and arrogance are also the result of greed.
Many people should read the book “The Wills Lawyers: Their Stories of Money, Inheritance, Greed, Family and Betrayal,” written by lawyer Les Kotzer and his partner Barry Fish. Kotzer says, “Sometimes parents themselves set the seeds of destruction of their own family by not doing proper planning. Some parents keep their heads in the sand.”
Clark County Probate Hearing Master, Wesley Yamashita, who prepares the calendar and related materials for, and conducts the once-a-week session of, Probate has the tendency to be rude and verbally abusive toward any litigant who appears before him without legal representation.
Apparently, Mr. Yamashita suffers from a strong case of Napoleon Complex and has very little respect for women, as is common for little men pretending to be giants.
In a recent Probate case before him a woman, representing herself, in a simple way to introduce herself tried to explain that she is a cancer survivor. Mr. Yamashita abruptly interrupted the already nervous woman saying: “Do you want me to feel sorry for you just because you have cancer?”
How little this man knows about cancer survivors. The last thing cancer survivors want is pity, but they should respectfully be recognized for their courage to fight the deadly enemy that cancer is.
It’s already public knowledge that judges in Clark County don’t like people representing themselves. They are despicably rude and antagonistic with those who dare walk into a courtroom without a local attorney or even an out-of-state attorney. But Yamashita is forgetting that he is just an attorney who happens to be called Commissioner, but
he is not a judge.
That woman who had the audacity (according to Yamashita) to appear for a hearing without an attorney is not only a cancer survivor, but also a mother and her only son was murdered with a shot to the back of his head and she is still waiting to see justice from Clark County, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, or the State of Nevada to that effect.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at

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