The media is biased and the last two weeks confirmed it!

By Michelle Mortensen
The media is biased. There, I said it. If I were hip, cool or 23, I might say the news is biased AF, but that could also get me in a lot of trouble for using a swear word.
For some of you, the headline of this story alone is enough to have your head explode and quit reading. I’m ok with that because those folks refuse to see the truth. However, if you like truth and transparency, keep reading.
Depending on your party affiliation, you probably have very strong feelings about who will win in November. If mainstream media is all you turn to for information, you also likely have a very strong belief that one candidate is far superior! Let’s not mince words here either; if you watch CNN, you probably think Joe Biden is best. Why? Because they couldn’t help themselves from gushing on and on about how great the Biden/Harris ticket was and how awful and hateful and horrible the RNC was in comparison.
It was very disappointing to see commentators (notice I don’t call them journalists) on CNN and MSNBC claim African American supporters, like my friend and fellow Las Vegan Jon Ponder, were token Black people trying to convince you it is ok to vote for a bigot. Think I’m lying? There’s an entire article from The Nation by Elie Mystal that says just that.
It literally calls people like Ponder, Alice Johnson, Herschel Walker and many more African Americans and people of color, tokens. I mean if that ain’t racist and offensive, I don’t know what is, however it is also very typical.
The liberal media barely covered the RNC objectively. All they did was lament how the convention was possibly  illegal because of the Hatch Act, or racist.
However, those commentary outlets (again not referring to them as news) covered the DNC as if it were just pure perfection. In fact, a piece from The Hill literally says it may have been the best ever, according to the press.
So according to the press, the DNC was good because Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are good and the RNC was bad because Republicans are bad. What amazes me every single day is that the Democrats are the ones who are actually being prejudiced, sexist, judgmental, and racist.
Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the facts. I mean this tweet alone from staunch liberal Bette Midler is enough to prove that point.

Can you imagine the uproar if a Republican ever said such a thing?! However, the very biased media was silent.
Let’s be very clear—that tweet is not ok. Let’s be even more clear—if Melania Trump were married to anyone else (but mainly a Democrat) she would be heralded as smart, educated, empowered and beautiful. BUT because she is married to Donald Trump, she’s not considered any of those things.
While we are on the topic, let me just say that anyone judging Kamala Harris for an affair she had 30 years ago and claiming that is proof she “slept her way to the top” needs to take a really long look in the mirror, because that’s a truly inappropriate thing to say about a woman. You’re not being the solution but part of the problem. But I digress.
More proof of the liberal hypocrisy was seen the last night of the RNC when BLM protestors went after Brandon Straka and shouted homophobic slurs at him. Straka is the founder of the WalkAway campaign and is gay. Where was the outrage from the liberal media on that one? I’m still looking for it.
The liberal media refused to cover the crazy protestors in Portland who violently kicked a man in the head, knocking him unconscious for defending a transgendered woman. Why didn’t they cover it? Because
they want to continue with the false narrative that conservatives, or anyone who thinks the violent protests are a problem, is racist. But honestly, what do we expect when CNN covers fiery violent riots and refers to them as mostly peaceful?
We also heard ad nauseum from the liberal media that President Trump has handled COVID-19 horribly and that Biden would have obviously done it better.
Well, that’s just a bald-faced lie. Karl Rove did a great job detailing that in a Washington Post article.
Rove points out how in May Mr. Biden said, “If he (meaning Trump) had listened to me and others and acted just one week earlier to deal with this virus, there’d be 36,000 fewer people dead.” Rove then shows how in June, Joe Biden claimed President Trump “did not listen to guys like me back in January saying we have a problem, a pandemic is on the  way.”
The truth is Biden offered no such warning. Really, no Democrats did. Let me tell you what good old Joe Biden did in January, he wrote an  op-ed where he said if he were in charge he’d ask Congress in 2021 to increase the Public Health Emergency Fund, amend existing law to allow presidents to declare pandemic emergencies, and fully fund the Global Health Security Agenda.
That’s not a warning. On Jan. 31, the day the president issued a China travel ban, Biden claimed the president acting out of “hysterical xenophobia” and claimed Trump was just “fear-mongering.”
In reality, it wasn’t xenophobia or fear mongering, it was a life-saving decision that helped ensure Americans did not see a far worse outcome.
Democrats hemmed and hawed a lot about the Trump pandemic travel ban. On Jan. 30, Biden confidant and coronavirus adviser Zeke Emanuel told CNBC viewers to “stop panicking and being hysterical.” The virus will “go down as spring comes up.”
Nancy Pelosi called it crazy too and even held a publicity stunt on Feb. 24 urging people to come to San Francisco to visit Chinatown. Biden advisor Ron Klain then said three days later that people shouldn’t be dissuaded by “needless fears about coronavirus.” He added that everyone “should tonight go down to Chinatown in their city and buy dinner or go shopping.”
On Feb. 29, with news of the first U.S. coronavirus death, Dr. Emanuel told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that “running out and getting a mask is not going to help.”
And we can’t forget these famous tweets from the US Surgeon General. Pew research looked at all the tweets from members of Congress from January 22 to March 21st and a whopping 91 percent were from Democrats claiming any Republican saying the virus came from China were racist.
So where were Biden’s stern warnings to Trump to act sooner? Where were any Democrats’ big warnings to Trump?
They don’t exist. It never happened. All democrats have done in 2020 is tell the media, and you, that Republicans are bad, racist people and that President Trump has done a bad job handling COVID. They also now claim Trump is to blame for the global economic issues the pandemic caused. Here’s a fun fact though, it was Governors who shut down the economy. It was governors who allowed riots and destruction and looting to happen in their cities.
In states run by Republicans where shutdowns were very limited or nonexistent, the economy is fine. Take South Dakota, where Governor Kristi Noem did not shut down her state. According to KELO, a South Dakota news outlet, the state has  barely seen an economic impact. For those curious, seven states in all did not shut down. Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming did not issue orders directing residents to stay at home from nonessential activities in March and April 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. All those states have Republican governors.
Contrast that now to states run by Democrats like Nevada. We have seen $1.2 billion in cuts, massive job loss, and because our only resource is tourism and conventions, we could be hurting for a very long time. So how is that the president’s fault?
The Democrats and media also go on and on about the “lack” of COVID testing available and claim that too is President Trump’s fault. But let’s counter that with fact! As of August 30th, John Hopkins reports the US has done more testing than ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Hmmm. But wait, there’s more.
Now the Democrats are once again trying to prove President Trump is racist and uncaring because he naturalized citizens at the white House and showed it on TV during the Republican convention without those folks knowing about it ahead of time. If that sounds crazy to you, it’s because it is crazy and a lie. ABC interviewed the woman who
claims she didn’t have prior knowledge the president would be there, in hopes she would affirm their false narrative. Unfortunately for ABC,  the woman in question admitted to them she agreed to go to the White House to have her naturalization ceremony filmed and signed a form allowing them to film it and use the video at their discretion.
She also told ABC she wasn’t upset that the ceremony was included in the convention programming and that it was, to quote her, an “honor to be given my citizenship by a president of the United States.”
These are just a few examples I’ve pointed out to you but there are many, many more out there. I’m pointing them out in hopes that you will see the media isn’t reporting fact but opinion these days.
I get that some of you may be saying to yourself, “Michelle, you too are sharing your opinion, so how is this different?” Well, I’m not a journalist giving you my opinion; I’m a conservative commentator and former conservative candidate, sharing this information. I have every right to share my opinion, and I’m not claiming that I am impartial.
What makes me uniquely qualified to comment on this though, is not that I am a conservative, but that I am a former TV journalist with 8 Emmys and multiple other awards from my time on air!
That’s right, I spent 18 years of my adult life on TV as a journalist for the following networks: ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. I’ve also worked for, contributed to or appeared on MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, and FOX networks.
I also did work for Good Morning America. However, I’m the only former TV journalist speaking out about the outright, blatant lies the media is pushing right now. I’m the only one calling out the hypocrisy. I’m the only one showing you the false narratives being pushed on you every single day. The biggest most important question of all is, why am I the only one? Every good and true journalist should be outraged at the amount of “opinion” reported as news. Every good journalist should be outraged by the lack of truth and transparency. But they aren’t. They are all just angry that President Trump attacks them and calls them fake news.
As a former journalist, I get that those attacks are harsh, maybe offensive, but I can also admit — they’re TRUE.
News should never contain opinion, yet it is all they offer these days.
Take this CNN fact check of the first night of the RNC. The lede sentence alleges it was a parade of dishonesty, yet even in their “fact checking” they had to back peddle and say things like “Yes, it is true for some Democrats but not Biden.”
Then look at how CNN fact checked the DNC. They called Biden’s speech career-defining. Then it listed tiny mishaps like Biden saying 50 million people filed for jobless claims, when it was really 57 million.
DANG! That’s some stellar journalism there, CNN! (Note that was written with thick sarcasm). I say all this to make these final and very important points:
—Journalism isn’t what it used to be. It was a noble profession I loved. I left it though because the corporate and liberal agenda took over and ruined everything noble about it. It’s also created two very distinct “types” of news outlets, conservative and liberal. That’s really bad. News should be just facts and exposing the truth. But it is not and as a result we all suffer. News no longer uncovers the truth but presents an agenda and that has created an entire generation of people who don’t trust anything in the news reports.
—The RNC and DNC conventions both had some high points and boring moments. Virtual anything sucks. It’s way better to experience things with other people, always. That said, the way the media reported on both means you are only going to hear Republicans are bad, Democrats are good. So, get ready for the debates (if they happen). I can already tell you the media is going to say Joe Biden wins all three and Kamala Harris is going to win the VP debate. There is no way we will hear anything different. Even on FOX News you’ll have Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto telling you Biden and Harris were best. You just can’t get away from the bias. And if you are wondering if I have a crystal ball and can see the future, the answer is no, I just worked in news and politics and I can tell you how it will all go down.
Another side note, Republicans better stop calling Biden Sleepy Joe, because if we keep the bar super low for him, he could do just “all right” and still look like a hero for the day.
—My final point, and possibly the most important, is the way Democrat politicians and news commentators treated women and people of color at the RNC — it was abhorrent. They have shown their true colors. They don’t empower women or people of color unless they have a D behind their name.
I wish I could apologize to Senator Tim Scott, Alice Johnson, Herschel Walker, Rep. Vernon Jones, First Lady Melania Trump and Abby Johnson (whom I really like but even I don’t get her comment that the husband should decide whom a woman votes for if they don’t agree. That’s just crazy). I wish I could tell them the way they were treated by the media was wrong and unfair and completely unprofessional. I wish I could tell them it will change, but sadly it won’t. And it won’t because you refuse to demand it. That’s right, now I am putting this on you. If you are one of those Republicans who says things like the following: “I only watch One America News,” or “I won’t watch the DNC. I don’t care what they have to say,” then you, my friend, are the problem.
You can’t demand truth and transparency if you never know what the other side is doing. You can’t demand great journalism again if you actually only acknowledge journalism that fits your narrative.  If you want to make journalism great again, start paying attention.
Start demanding fair and balanced reporting. Quit acting like everything one party does is good and everything the other party does is bad. And quit staying silent when you see something that is offensive or wrong because you worry how it will be perceived, or if you will be cancelled.”
If you aren’t brave enough to demand better, you won’t get better. And if you don’t unite to become a powerful voice that demands being heard, you may be a silent majority, but your silence will be deafening and it will allow you to be easily defeated.
Facts matter and we have to nix the narrative we keep getting fed; but that won’t happen if you don’t demand something different and if you don’t demand truth, even when it doesn’t conform to your worldview.
* * * * *
Michelle Mortensen is an 8-time Emmy award-winning journalist, the host of “The Michelle Mortensen Show” debuting on KSHP 1400 AM September 14th and a former conservative political candidate. Michelle holds two degrees from Southern Methodist University and is the founder and chairman of the Building A Better Nevada PAC.

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